Sunday, 3 May 2015

Want to know about food?

Do you feel safe eating food in our food system? Do you feel that food should be a more integral part of how we lives our lives and our food systems should be equitable?

I invite you to listen to the food summit.
I love listening to the food revolution! So many inspired speakers. I especially loved Slyvia Earle's and  Michael Beckworth's interviews.
It's not easy to change. Listening to what people have to say can be difficult, especially if you aren't where they are. However, when I think about our children's children future- that makes all these issues relevant to me.

They aren't always easy interviews to listen to because of the nature of the facts. Yet, i found the speakers engaging. You can still listen to the summit and catch replays for 24 hours. 

 I love learning about how the world is connected to water, to us. Nature is such an intrinsic part of us. I think that is why today's interviews resonated with me so deeply.  

If the interviews move you- consider purchasing the empowerment package. The Empowerment Package gives you the reins to learn, to be in command and share your knowledge.  Any money I make through an affiliate service such as this helps my family tremendously. I value you <3
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Monday, 20 April 2015

Food Revolution Summit 2015

Food Revolution Summit 2015

It's hard to knew what is going on with food today. As a parent I am concerned about the lack of knowledge about what GMOs do to people-  AS well, as unethical multilateral trade and food scarcity vs food abundance. Returning this year is the 2015 Food Revolution Summit. I can't recommend this summit more!  All the information you need in one place with so many amazing speakers.

Sylvia Earle and other leading food experts are giving their top insights in the Food Revolution Summit April 25-May 3. Listen for free and get empowered! With knowledge you can do so much!! This annual event spreads so much knowledge. Pass it on to your family and friends,

I eagerly await the summit each year. I have gained a lot of knowledge of how to protect my family. It is also interesting to hear some of the latest food research. There are so many great speakers. I am excited for Tony Robbins, Michael Pollan and Vandana Shiva,

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 Food Revolution 2015

Disclaimer- I am an affiliate if the food summit. The summit is free to listen April 25- May 3rd.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Mamamor Dolls- Easter Special

Looking for the extra special gift? MamAmor Dolls has a special coupon code.

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These dolls are gorgeous! I really want to add one to my collection!

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

MamAmor Dolls-review

Have you seen this gorgeous set of dolls? I have very strong amor for Mamamor~I love that this company was started by a mom and doula. Her mission is to normalize childbirth, which is incredible. 

What can I say about the dolls? They are absolutely beautiful! They are perfect for doulas, parents and gifts for everyone~They can teach childbirth, both vaginal and c-section, breastfeeding and babywearing! They are available in families or you can purchase a separate doll. Mamamor also offers a new litter- dogs, 

Also, the dolls are prefect tool for telling childbirth stories and healing trauma. As well, the dolls can help a older child adjust to a new family member.

The mamamor dolls are very ethnically diverse as well. That is great! There is a doll for everyone~  Also, you can purchase gift cards or prints~There is definitely something for everyone at Mamamor!
Here is a video of the birthing doll in action!

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Xander's Surgery

I felt very blessed after Xander's birth. It was just too perfect. I was amazed that the work I did with Birthing From Within actually manifested itself. Now, that might sound a little 'hippy' for some of you- but I feel that childbirth can be a time of intensity. Also, it can be a time of fear, so it is important to work through your fears. Even though my first son's birth (william) was normal and nothing went wrong with it, I was consumed by anxiety that something wrong would happen this time around. Thankfully, I was able to relax in the birthing tub- at least as much as you are able to relax during labour.

Holding him in my arms was amazing. From there, he developed (and is developing well). He is growing each day.  He enjoys rolling over and reaching for toys. he has great hand eye coordination. 

At first, we thought Xander had a eye infection. The eye appeared swollen, the lid was crusty and yellow. We used warm compresses, breastmilk and warm water to clear the infection. However, the eye continued to appear swollen and he couldn't open his eyelid like his right eye. First, we saw a specialist in the town where we live. He wasn't sure how severe it was but mentioned that he liked like he was born without a eyelid muscle. I was in agreement- I had the thought but hadn't realized it was possible to be born without one.

He referred us to another specialist that he went to school with. This specialist was more familiar with kids. So, I visited him. He did a battery of tests on Xander's eye. He figured that Xander would require surgery. However, he didn't feel comfortable doing the surgery because Xander is under a year. 

So, he referred us on to the HSC. The doctors tested his eye and looked at the notes. They decided that he needed eyelid surgery * and I agree) because the eye is very crucial- not only to see but also for learning.  Xander needed a MRI and Ct scan. The specialists wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with the structures or orbital bones before doing the surgery. The surgery is apparently a common procedure- however, Xander' s case is quite severe. We wait to hear about the results of both the ct scan and mri. 

I am very nervous about the whole thing. Surgery is very scary, although children do seem to heal remarkably well. At the same time, I am very grateful the surgery is possible. I am a bundle of nerves!

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Monday, 2 March 2015

Week 38 -39 Update

At my week 38 appointment, everything was mostly good- weight and blood pressure were. There was a small concern that I was measuring small.
I had an ultrasound to check on the baby, the placenta and to make sure that baby was doing well. The tech said the baby was hard to measure because it was low.  Luckily, everything appears good. I know the baby is still moving and kicking me in the ribs.

Week 39
165 lbs.
Baby's heart rate was 140. It is definitely a bad idea to look up things that can go wrong- when you are worried about baby's size. I was looking up cord prolapse but the baby is still very active. We still haven't picked out a full name. We have a middle name we really like.

My 40 week appointment is coming up and another ultrasound-  unless baby graces us with its' presence. I am excited, nauseous and started to feel  very fearful. 

Two babies! What are we going to do? Will William like his younger sibling? These are the questions in my mind as we enter in to the end of the uneventful pregnancy. (in the sense that baby has been very healthy and I haven't GD or anything like that).