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Clan - Review and Giveaway

Clan- My Review:

Clan was an amazing sci fi book! It was definitely a new look at the genre, at least for me. Twain was a fascinating. So named by his protector because he 'deviated from the norm' is raised separately from the rest of the Clan because of his differences. He wants nothing more to join with the rest of Clan- clones of each other with no discernible differences other than name/ number. Of course, you come to realize that each clone has a different personality. 

Every-time I thought I had the book figured out, I was taken in a completely different direction. This book is not easy to figure out.
To that end, there was quite a bit of world building. How did the clones come to me? Humans from Earth landed on the planet and wanted to create an earth like atmosphere without the war. This is an laudable gaol . 
But there are interesting points about Clans with the same genetic material and lowered life span- would this case more deviations or are all deviations 'caused' by someone?,,

Also, it takes a very strong social and political foundation- without that a society like Clan would cease to exist.

By the ending i was so excited and nervous and surprised. It was not what I was anticipating at all! i love it when a book is able to end completely different than you expect and does it well. Clan does this and more. It is a solid addition to science fiction novels. 

Clan by Realm Lovejoy
336 pages
Published: 11/12/13
Clans are Unity.
No variation. No deviation.
On Clades, to be
a Clan is to be an exact copy. A perfect society cloning themselves to
survive, even as the zombielike Frags threaten to overrun them on an
unforgiving planet.
Clan 1672 (privately known as Twain) was never
supposed to survive the Incubation Tank. But he did. Illegally. He is
different from the other Clans.
A secret that could destroy him.

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About the Author:
Realm Lovejoy is an American writer and an artist. She grew up in
both Washington State and the Japanese Alps of Nagano, Japan. Currently,
she lives in Seattle and works as an artist in the video game industry.
CLAN is her first book. You can find out more about her and her book at

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Soul Of Flame comes out Feb 17th! I loved Kiss of Flame by Rebecca Ethingon, so I am excited to read the rest of the rest of the series!

Here is the link to the video at The Book Bag Blog!
The Time for the final battle has come.

Edmund's armies have surrounded the Rioseco Abbey, trapping the few survivors inside. The sight that Ilyan was given a thousand years ago is about to come to pass.

If only Joclyn was able to fight.

Joclyn is tormented by the hallucinations that Cail’s mind has left her with, her magic an uncontrollable torrent that even Ilyan cannot control. Her moments of lucidity are broken by fears of dripping pipes and bleeding walls, and a desire to kill Ryland that she is having trouble trying to ignore.

The sight has shown her power, shown her success, but it has also shown her death – The end of her life something she is not quite willing to give up on yet.

Even past her death, the sight has shown her love, and that love may be the only key to her sanity, to her strength, and to Edmund's death.

That love may stand in her way, and a single choice may tip the scales and secure their future, or destroy their fate.

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Time Well Spent: Gain Control of Your Schedule and the Life You Want to Live by Mike Burns- Review

Are you looking to prioritze and decutter your life? If that's so Time Well Spent is the perfect book for you.. Whether are just starting off on your decluttering journey or have quite a bit of experiece, TWS has something for you.  It asks, 'What are your priorities and goals?" With steps, guidelines and worksheets, it is easy to do. 

I really liked the organization of the chapters. You could focous on what is most important to you at the moment and red the rest later. Also, the book is short enough to read in a short period of time. However, don't let the length fool you, there is still a lot of pertinent information. you can spend some time thinking and working on each chapter or you can read the chapters you are specifically interested in.

I also liked the various activities through out the book. They teach you about yourself and to focus on what is most important to you.  You follow your own rules.
 Written in the style of the blog, The Other Side of Complexity, it is easy to read and get into.  Indeed , it is very worthy of being added to any collection!

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As well, the new book launches tomorrow! It will be *free* for 3 days. Make sure you read what site you purchase it from. Then, you can try it yourself!

Disclosure: I received a copy of Time Well Spent for free to review. This didn't affect my review. 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Gastien: The Cost of the Dream.Review and Giveaway

Gastien: The Cost of the Dream.
Release date: 1st Edition 8/3/2011
2nd Edition 10/2/2013
Family Saga, Drama, and Literary Fiction

Graphic sex (this book is NOT erotica) and one sex scene that is violent.


When young Gastien Beauchamp flees the farm for Paris, the late nineteenth century bohemian era is in full swing. Color has always called to him, beseeching him to capture it on canvas and show people a new way of seeing things. His father belittled his dream of being an artist and tried to beat him into giving it up. The dream wouldn’t die, but Gastien would have had he not left.
He also yearns to become a great lover. After the years of anguish he has endured at the hand of his father, it would be heaven to feel pleasure instead of pain.
However, the city of Paris has a ruthless agenda. Unless a man has money and connections, Paris unfeelingly crushes dreams and destroys souls. With neither of the required assets, Gastien faces living in alleys, digging in trash bins for food, and sleeping where a man is often killed for his threadbare blanket.
Left with only his dreams, Gastien stubbornly pushes on. He vows that absolutely nothing will stop him, not yet realizing what keeping that vow might mean. Sometimes the “impossible” is possible – but the cost can be extremely high.
This historical fiction novel is book 1 of a 5 book drama/family saga for adults (The Gastien Series).  As such, it contains adult themes and graphic scenes. Each book can stand on its own, but is most compelling read in order. [provided by the author]
Caddy Rowland grew up with a stack of books that almost reached the ceiling before she was five. Books, along with her vivid imagination, have always been some of her closest friends.
She lives with her husband, who was her high school sweetheart. They are owned by two parrots. Besides being a writer, she is an artist. One can often find her “makin’ love to the color” (painting) with loud music blaring.
Her goal as an author is to make readers laugh, cry, think, and become intimately connected with her main characters. She writes dramatic novels showcasing the sublime joy and bitter tragedy of being human. [from the author's Amazon page]
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My Review

I liked Gastien, especially as he continued to follow his dream. I couldn't imagine growing up with such a tyrant for a father. It was very common, especially at the time Gastien was set. However, Gastien's father is the very embodiment of a sadist.
This is a coming of age story so there is quite a few sexual scenes. 

What I didn't like but was historical accurate- How Gastien's mother was powerless to stop the abuse and didn't leave . This is a common reason why many abused people stay with their partner- fear for their safety or that of their children's., so they do want they can to take the place.

Gastien was a riveting story of a young man chasing his dream. His life has ups and downs, but he strives to do whatever it takes to do well.  He does succeed with the help of friends. 

I would suggest that people who sensitive violent sex acts should avoid this novel. Overall, it is quite an impressive read. It is rich in historical detail.  I am very much intrigued by the other books in the series. I rate it 4.5 stars.

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Thank you to France Booktours and Caddy Rowland for a review copy of Gastien: The Cost of a Dream!