Friday, 1 August 2014

Week 35-36-update

It is getting close now! My weight was consistent from 2 weeks ago. My blood pressure was normal- 120/86. The humidity definitely sucks. It is making me a little nauseous.  Baby's heart rate was 150.

36 Weeks

Or really 35 weeks+ 5 days.  My weight increased to 162.8. My bp was 115/60. I was happy to see it was still low. I am starting to feel nauseaus after eating.  I honestly am enjoying being pregnant other than having to pee a lot and heartburn.

Baby was a busy creature at this appointment! Heart rate was 160.  Very happy and healthy. I also had my group b strep test.  There are plus and minuses to having this checked- so inform yourself before deciding to go attend. Many women already have the bacteria present but it can cause risks to your newborn.

Still having lots of braxton hicks- especially at night. They do go away and have no pattern yet. I would like to get to at least 39 weeks though.

William still wants a baby horse or a bello (turtle) lol.

My pictures are so blurry this week. Oops.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

30-33 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Things are progressing! The baby is still sideways- but that is fine for now.  Just lots of hoping that the baby turns before arrival.

I am healthy! I am taking iron and b-12 supplements. Even though I have tried to increase absorption from food, it is not good enough.  Therefore, the supplements help make up the rest. I am also taking prenatals. It is really helpful because I am nursing William. 

I am gaining weight- I am now 158 lbs.  Blood pressure is good- 111/ 86. The baby's heartbeat is good. 

I am enjoying the warm weather, but it is definitely hot! I really like to take William for a walk around the neighborhood. He gets a kick out of a ride in the stroller. I am also enjoying prenatal yoga- I just need to do it more often. 

Week 33
My weight is 161- it seems impossible between the amount of nursing William is doing although he is also very busy. 

I am definitely noticing the pain in my pelvis when I rest- it might be pelvic girdle pain (PGP) It spasms down the back of my leg when I move at night or lift my leg. It makes lifting William hard too. It's hard to know since it could also be the baby's position or loosening ligaments. 

Week 34 is here- and it the only week I don't see the doctor. I did visit the chiropractor, which was so nice.  I feel more aligned, which is very important for labour and delivery.  They use a machine for alignment more than manual adjustments, which was neat.

Starting at week 35 I see the doctor for a prenatal appointment every week.  Ugh! lol. I don't mind them- they are just a lot!

I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going. it is almost Canada Day! And 6 weeks left if I go to 40 weeks (more if i go longer lol) 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Celiac Awareness Month 2014

Did you know that May is Celiac Awareness Month? This doesn't mean just focusing on Celiac Disease, although education to demystify the condition is very important. Gluten intolerance and gluten allergies are all wrapped up in this  as well.

There is a long list of associated conditions- Thyroid problems, digestive issues, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, mental fog, Asthma, Autism, ADHD and infertility are just a few.

Also, it is frightful how few people actually know what gluten is- particularly those who in the food/ restaurant and hospitality sector. Fewer still seem to understand the impact gluten can have, whether its effect is noticeable on the person or not. It can take years to reverse underlying damage.

My brother has colitis and has fought the idea of a gluten free diet for awhile. After watching House (haha) and how it was explained he has decided to go for it. I think in some ways this a positive change. More mainstream shows need to highlight issues not make fun of it. 

Additionally, I wanted to highlight two resources I found helpful. Gluten Dude is a go to resource for support, education and some rather thought provoking content.
Another valuable website is Inspired RD. It is all about health, nutrition and life.  In terms of recipes, I suggest the Baking Beauties. They craft wonderful recipes. I really want to try making their doughnuts. 

Here is a recipe i adapted from on Jambalaya. It was based on what I had in the pantry and fridge.
  • I used 6 round sausages (gluten free)
  • half a red onion
  • 3 large potatoes, diced
  • 3 cups of rice
  • -some mixed vegetables
  • salt and pepper
  • chili powdr
First, I cooked the sausages. Then I added them to a large pot with the onions and potatoes. Then I added some spices. Next, i added the rice. near the end, i added some mixed vegetables. Then I added salt and pepper to taste.

It was actually good! All you need is some flexibility and creativity and you can come up with the best creations.

This is a late post- oops!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

World Environment Day

June 5th is world Environment Day- so named by the UN as a day to protect the environment. This WED Is also the Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) which is pretty neat! As I  studied International Development- I think it is great that the focus on small island states. Many face special economic, political and environmental issues. It is so important to acknowledge that.

There are many ways to foster a love of the environment in your child!
  • Spend time outside
  • If your child is old enough, pick up trash and recycling
  • plant a tree or a garden
  • learn about recycling
  • Take a trip to a farmer's market
You could even start your own action and participate in WED or join one! 


Friday, 9 May 2014

25/27 weeks- Pregnancy Update

With all the stress in my life, I have not really been updating my blog with pregnancy posts.  Family is very important to me and I have been doing my best to spend time with them and help through with various events. I am hoping things resolve soon. 

I had a appointment at 25 weeks. Everything was good! Baby had a healthy, strong heart beat. The doctor was able to find it right away- which was exciting. My bp was 118/86, which is good and I am now 154 lbs.
25 weeks

I can't believe i am already 27 weeks. This pregnancy is going so fast. I am de-cluttering like crazy to make room for a new addition.

27 weeks
According to, my baby can "open and close its eye, hiccough and sleeps and wakes up regularly. "This is definitely cool! Baby has been doing a lot of moving around. And hiccoughs might explain what I have been feeling. I have a feeling my toddler and newborn will have opposite schedules but we see.  As for- yes to leg cramps and hemorrhoids. It isn't too bad though. 
I do have slightly low iron and b-12 levels so I am taking additional supplements. I have read some interesting holistic ways to raise those levels and would love to add them to my routine. Holistic Squad and Mommypotamus have some tips if you want to check them out.  And yes, I do have a prenatal test at 30 weeks. EEEK!!!

Yes, the months are progressing quickly. It probably helps that I had no morning sickness with this pregnancy. (and I am eternally grateful!).  Can't wait to see what unfolds next!

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Spring into Spring Giveaway US and Can

I have the perfect summer giveaway to share with you! This Tuscon Cedar swing is open to the US and Canada! There is a slide, swings and an awesome canopy and more! I know my son would love the slide. 
Enter below!

This giveaway is in no way associated with
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Thursday, 1 May 2014

International Cesarean Awareness Month

Cesarean Sections in the United States

Did you know that in the US 1 in 3 women have a c-section? It is important to note that c-sections are major abdominal surgery. Many c-sections are unnecessary. Often women are not informed that c-sections are major surgery with risks. They are promoted as the easy way to give birth. For some women (and babies)- this may be true. Healing times vary and depend on type of scar. However, c-sections do carry their own risks, so it is very important to make an informed decision for yourself and your baby. 

** I am glad that we are able to offer c-sections in moments of extreme duress and for breech birth, but it should not be the norm. C-sections are changing the way women give birth. This raises a lot of questions like how will the body experience labour? How will we truly understand birth if the moment is a surgical one? And why are the risks for infant and mother mortality so high- particularly in the US as it is a developed country ***

Even in Canada, c-sections are becoming quite common. My little brother was an emergency c-section so I do understand the necessity and also that there is a wide range of normal after c-sections. 

Inform yourself on how to avoid (medically unecessary) c-sections

-Your medical provider is not always right. Don't be afraid to ask questions about risks and benefits, their c-section rate and to get a second opinion.

-Your ultrasound- Your baby's weight is an estimation not a spoken truth. Also, there are many smaller women who birth 10lb babies.

-Avoid too much medical interference, for example, continuous fetal monitoring 
(DR. S. Kalaichandran 2003)

If you need a c-section: 

  1. Get support- hire a doula
  2. if you plan to breastfeed do research on breastfeeding safe drugs- Dr Hale, Kellymom or Dr Newman have some great resources out there
  3. C-sections do seem to increase incidence of PPD ( may be related to Oxytocin. Although it is not set in stone that you or someone you know will develop PPD. (

For more information check this out!:
ICan International Cesarean Awareness Network-
Mothering the New Mother: Women's Feelings and Needs after Childbirth: A Support and Resource Guide by Sally Placksin 

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day! I hope you spent some time outside today! Did you know that Earth Day Canada was founded in 1990? Earth is a great resource for Canadians. It has a list of events, programs and what you can do. In honour of Earth Day, Cloth Diaper Contests is hosting a cloth diaper giveaway for Canadians!

The Grand Prize is incredible and includes Butt On Cloth diapers, Snappy Nappies, Lil Monkey Cheeks and Thinking about Cloth Diapers.  There is a linky and you can enter to win various cloth diaper packages from other blogs. What a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

Why cloth diaper?
1) Reuse
2)fewer chemicals
3)they don't take forever to break down in a landfill- often you can use for future children or give to others. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter 2014

Time is passing so quickly with this pregnancy. It is hard to believe that I only have about 16 weeks if I go to 40 weeks. Although I might change my tune come summer and hot, hot weather.
As for now, I am enjoying being the mother of one. It is my toddler's second Easter so hopefully, he will understand it a bit better.  We will ha
ve a egg hunt.  Also, the baskets will have a mix of chocolate and art supplies. I want to get finger print, bubbles and markers for my son and an easel pad, paint, brushes and a smock for my brother.
I am so excited to do this Easter :) Plus, we are going to a Easter party. The kids get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Hopefully, William is okay with it and not scared. I have to say I think I almost more excited for Easter than William. I don't think he completely understands- but the day of he will see it for himself. I also can't wait to decorate some eggs, read some Easter books (Clifford and The Easter Bunny's Gifts) and watch Hop!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation Giveaway- Last Day- Synmed! 1

Have a Ninja Turtles fan at home? Enter for your chance to win a copy of the Next Mutation on dvd! A great gift for any special occasion! It might also bring back memories! Plus, there is  female ninja turtle- how cool is that lol?

Enter here:

Disclaimer- I posted this as a entry into the contest. 

Saturday, 12 April 2014

New Blog!!

So peeps, I have some exciting news! I have been working on a new blog for the books I read. That way, this book can remain focused on gluten free eating, pregnancy &birth, parenting and green living.

I will link my first new blog post- a book review about Autism Breakthrough by Raun Kaufman. -

I am also working on a website for my doula business.  I am trying to get as much done as possible before the birth of my second baby.  I really hope to update this blog with pregnancy updates! My 25 week appointment is coming up and I am sooo excited and nervous. I also really need a camera lol. 

Sunday, 30 March 2014

MapleFest-Signs of Spring

MapleFest 2014

One of my favourite signs of spring is Maple Fest! It means the weather has warmed up enough for maple trees to produce sap to make maple syrup. Maple fest is a great family activity. If there is a maple farm in your area, I definitely recommend checking it out. It demonstrates to kids when maple syrup comes from and gets them outside.

Maple tastes great in many foods. I adore maple sugar candy- it is basically maple syrup and sugar. It is very delicious and I am sure very bad for you! Another is maple toffee! Basically, it is heated maple syrup on snow. It is really neat!!

 There is nothing like traditional maple syrup. I love it with pancakes. Did you know maple syrup comes in different colours, from light to dark (amber). The darker the syrup, the stronger the taste. I know some people enjoy maple syrup in their coffee. The best thing is that maple syrup is gluten free! :) Another favourite food is maple fudge, but sometimes wheat flour is added to thicken it.  So definitely be careful when you go to purchase it. 

Friday, 28 March 2014

International Doula Week

It is World Doula Week (WDW). It is a week to celebrate doulas and the amazing birth week they do. Doulas have many positive effects on women and their family, including fewer c-sections, breastfeeding assistance and the chance of postpartum disorders is reduced. 
Thank a doula today!

How to find a doula: 
Check out
Ask friends for recommendations

I am really excited to be a postpartum doula student and hope to complete my birth doula certification.  I really belief that doulas do good things. If I had the opportunity to have a doula with my son, I would have definitely agreed. Postpartum support is so important! I am grateful I had my family and fiance to help me- otherwise finishing school would have more difficult. A postpartum doula would have just been added encouragement, especially as I learned about breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Doulas can help moms research important topics, especially things they may not have thought about before. 

Birth support is important as well. Sometimes, the husband or significant other cannot be there so a doula is a great birth partner. Other times, the significant other needs help and a doula can help them as well. Even if it is to go grab coffee and water so their clients can stay together. Quite simply, a doula is as worthwhile investment as a birth or newborn photographer. 

*Information taken from

Saturday, 8 March 2014

International Women's Day Inspiration

This international Women's Day, I am inspired to write about a woman who has been an all powerful force in my life.  My mother is one of the most amazing people I know. She taught me to read, to love, to cook and to be present in my relationship with my son. She is not the same person she was 20 years ago- but we all change. That does stop the fact that she is a great parent. She has gone through so much-- divorce, almost dying from pneumonia, her mother's severe illness, my grandpa's heart attack, my brother's accident and traumatic brain injury, my Celiac diagnosis and raising my youngest brother by herself. It is not easy being a caregiver, especially the sole caregiver.  This is most definitely the role she is in now as she helps my brother with his settlement, home-schools my little brother and has to watch out for my grandma who is showing signs of dementia/ Alzheimer's - much like her mother (my great grandmother) did.

I am reminded of a lesson that she taught me when I was young. Words hurt. Even unintentionally, words can do harm. I was watching Stars Wars and commented that looked weird compared to the first movie. Of course, I meant different and wasn't trying to be mean. However, my mom told that he had been in a very bad car accident. Not only is it sad, it shows how saying something can be so hurtful. 

I know it is popular to say sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me. However,  this is not based in fact. Emotional abuse is horrible and stays deep within you. Many people have committed suicide because of this.
This is an important thing to realize and to teach. Words have meanings. Be mindful of the effects your words have on your children. Children learn from these phrases and internalize them. 

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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Must Love Otters

Welcome to my tour stop for Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon.  This is an adult romantic comedy and  the tour runs February 24th- March 7th and will consist of reviews, guest posts, interviews and more. You can find the full schedule on the tour page.

Must Love Otters by Eliza Gordon

Hollie Porter is the chairwoman of Generation Disillusioned: at twenty-five years old, she’s saddled with a job she hates, a boyfriend who’s all wrong for her, and a vexing inability to say no. She’s already near her breaking point, so when one caller too many kicks the bucket during Hollie’s 911 shift, she cashes in the Sweethearts’ Spa & Stay gift certificate from her dad and heads to Revelation Cove, British Columbia. One caveat: she’s going solo. Any sweethearts will have to be found on site.

Hollie hopes to find her beloved otters in the wilds of the Great White North, but instead she’s providing comic relief for staff and guests alike. Even Concierge Ryan, a former NHL star with bad knees and broken dreams, can’t stop her from stumbling from one (mis)adventure to another. Just when Hollie starts to think that a change of venue doesn’t mean a change in circumstances, the island works its charm and she starts to think she might have found the rejuvenation she so desperately desires. But then an uninvited guest crashes the party, forcing her to step out of the discomfort zone where she dwells and save the day … and maybe even herself in the process.
GoodreadsAmazon  | B&N | iBookstore

My Review

Must Love Otters is the charming story of Hollie Porter. She has a mediocre life and boyfriend. After a hard time at work and her boyfriend forgotting to record her favourite show, she decides to change her life. First, she tells her boyfriend to move out. Then, she has the grand idea of travelling to Canada to gain some new perspective on life. It is romantic comedic at its finest. It is really a sweet story. It is a nice read after some of the heavier themes I have read recently. I enjoyed watching Hollie grow throughout the novel.
I really like Hollie's character. She is someone you can relate to. This is a story that could happen to anyone. Plus, her quirks and attitude only make her human. I could see fans of Stephanie Plum like this novel. I also love how fond she is of wildlife. It is a great passion.
I was also fascinated by Hollie's father acting as both father/ mother. Probably because I was raised by a single mother in a similar fashion. As well, he truly cared for his daughter. 
Ryan was really sweet. I enjoyed watching him battle it out with Hollie.  He was more than your typical romantic comedy male lead. 
About this author

Eliza Gordon is a husband-and-wife team of controlled chaos who writes stories to help you believe in the Happily Ever After.


Website Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



$25 Gift Card (INT)

Friday, 28 February 2014

New Frontier- Review

New Frontier by Jeremy Lee

As a new era dons for humanity with all the attendant celebrations and riots, finally breaking the bonds which left us tied to the Solar System is reported as being the moment which unites all the disparate parts of the world and brings us into an era of peace and discovery, and yet this giant leap is almost instantly marred by greed erupting into violence.  The Argos, the ship sent out on this historic mission, is left adrift and crippled far from home, survivors of this mysterious attack struggle to hold their ship together and come to the rescue of homesteaders and compatriots relying on them to not only survive but retaliate, and rescue a world where the Solar System has become a rugged frontier ripe for colonization and opportunity filled with the honest and ruthless carving out lives past the veil of civilization.
Several rival corporations, monopolies delving into every industry imaginable, have all but supplanted nation-states, keeping governments around only as a necessary fiction to pacify populations, and the realm of business now reaches into politics, military, religion, and all other aspects of human life.  The frontier regions of space are a place filled with new homesteaders, miners, merchants, bandits, and scientific minds that is barely able to keep from slipping into total anarchy, a frontier region where people can disappear from their lives and head off into the unknown.  New Frontier is an adventure which stretches from the furthest reaches of space, to slums in backwater cities, to the lunar capitol, and ultimately onto the wreckage of the great ship.  The gallant and the selfish alike are forced to face the best and worst of human civilization far from home and decide what they truly believe in.

New Frontier:  An Excerpt
Space is a silent and vastly dead expanse, yet filled with marvels of life, twists of physics, furnaces of unimaginable fire, and wastelands of matter-shattering cold.  There is no greater ocean for humanity to sail, no more perilous journey, and none more yearned for by generation upon generation.  Tentative steps into the endless frontier inevitably are loosened into giant leaps, but adventure brings with it failures as often as glory.
Light years from Sol and the comforts of home, humanity’s greatest leap lay strewn across hundreds of miles, now little more than smoldering wreckage of dreams feebly forged into reality.  The once sleek and vaguely arrowhead shaped craft so many people cheered on its way was drifting wounded and listless.  The daring vessel, audacious by design, the main body accompanied by four sets of engines jutting from either side, shot through space scattering bodies and shards of metal and freezing vapor leaking from its own wounds.  It was the culmination of centuries of leaps and stuttering steps forward in science and engineering.  The Argos, now rent down the middle nearly in half, and the scar ran forward from the reactors at the aft reaching for the bow.
Bodies floated in space among the debris, some of them sucked out so suddenly into the void that the immortal looks on their faces weren’t even surprised.  They had been asleep, or monotonously going through their shift, now they were frigid corpses floating among the charred debris.  Summersaulting about its axis three quarters of the Argos continued to make an orbit around a red and purple planet, no sign left of their assailants.
From the missile tubes arrayed along the bow and reaching back down the starboard side of the ship the second, third, and fourth decks looked out, ripped open, the scar exposing the interior of the ship only stopping at the stern where the secondary airlocks and engine room resisted with doubly reinforced bulkheads.  Most of what was exposed was the crew quarters and mess hall, and most of the victims of the initial onslaught had been off duty.  The emergency systems to seal off hull breaches at the doorways were methodically coming on-line, but they couldn’t move nearly as fast as a vacuum.
The tear stopped just short of the science labs, now mostly stripped bare of experiments and instruments.  Banging through the doors and gaping openings supplies, equipment, and people from all over the ship flew and crashed, drawn up toward the grasping expanse of space.
Hector de Anza felt himself flying through the air, as everything else not strapped to a bulkhead, ripping out of the ship.  He thrashed about with his hands and feet, anything to grab hold.  Even in the rush he could feel the air getting thinner and the temperature plummeting.  He’d never thought of himself as a man afraid of dying, but he didn’t know if the savior would find his soul out here.  Then he prayed passionately for all the poor souls he couldn’t save, even if he didn’t yet know his own fate.
Catching on a storage locker in the lab it took all the strength the man had to hold fast, his legs still streaming out behind him as space tried to lay claim to him as well as the air whipping past, even amidst insanity and desperation Hector called out to his God.  He couldn’t resist and chanced a glance past his feet.  What should have been a corridor lined with crew cabins was open to the endless black.
He lashed out with his free hand as another body started to flash past in a bid to save at least one more.  He caught hold of the poor man by the elbow but his hand slid down his arm as he nearly ripped loose.  Hector finally gripped him by the hand and fought to keep him from flying free.
Hector held on as tightly as he could, but he felt both the man’s hand in his as well as his hold on the locker slipping.  With a breathless, soundless, scream he gave his all to save both their lives.  He felt himself drifting off into oblivion.  Hector wasn’t strong enough to battle the nothingness of space, no matter how desperately he wanted to hold to life.
No matter how vehemently he squeezed Hector felt the crewman slipping from him.  One second Hector could still feel him, hand in his, and the next he was watching as the poor crewman flew into the void.  Hector looked the wretched man in the eye, saw terror marking his face, the last few gasps for air which wasn’t there, and the glossy look of peaceful death which washed over him at last.
Even as he watched the crewman die the emergency bulkheads were sliding into place.  What felt to him like an hour of insanity and pain in truth lasted no more than ten seconds since the air first began to vanish out the rent hull.
As soon as the new bulkheads locked down into place sealing off the laboratory from the rupture the swirling rush of air died almost at once replaced with near nothingness.  The quiet hurt nearly as badly as the earlier tumult, and carried an eerie pall and omen of the tomb.  Hector’s sweaty hand slipped off of the storage locker, as much from exhaustion as because it was now safe.  The air was still thin, and his body floated in the absence of gravity.  The temperature had plunged to well below freezing in an instant and his body could hardly take the strain.
With a howl of frustration that he couldn’t suppress Hector tried to struggle on, the sharply steep stairs that they’d taken to calling a ladder that led down to the engine room was only a few feet away and he tried to glide over to it.  Stars were popping before his eyes, and he could barely move his limbs as he tried to swim and spun about.
Having made it all the way to the ladder Hector looked down the steps towards the chaos of sparks and torn equipment below and he had to close his eyes to gather the strength to go down.  With a last deep breath he tried, but he passed out just thinking of all he had to do.  The cold clawed at him and the weak air left his lungs begging.  He drifted into the blissful abandon of unconsciousness.

My Review:

I enjoyed reading the New Frontier by Jeremy Lee. I really have to say, there is nothing like holding a softcover book in your hand.  The quote taken from John F Kennedy embodies the spirit of the novel. In many ways, the turbulence of the 1960's is quite similar to the hectic nature of the new era of space travel and corporations holding power over the world. 

At first, it was a little bit choppy because the timeline went back and forth. However, once you got into the groove of the writing it was quite interesting. The characters were an interesting mix of backgrounds, both political and racial ( at least cultural). This added another deep, dark dynamic to the novel.  Some the characters were harder to get into into, but there is a huge character list. So, that makes it more likely there will be  a character who you disagree with. 

I liked the ending.  I thought it tied the book together rather well. 

I liked this take on science fiction as corportations are taking over the world. You can see this now since corporations are everywhere.  So it is not such a far stretch to imagine such a place.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Cover Reveal - Mine to Spell by Janeal Falor

Today we have something different for you.  Instead of just revealing a cover we are asking YOU to help us choose WHICH cover to use!   Mine to Spell by Janeal Falor is the second book in the Mine series. This is a YA fantasy and it is scheduled to release May 5th, 2014.

Do you like cover choice #1:

Or do you like cover choice #2:
Cast your vote here:

Cover #1 or cover #2? free polls 
Be sure to stop by the authors website on March 6th for the final reveal of which cover was chosen!

MINE TO SPELL Description:

Cynthia has always hidden from her father’s hexes behind her older
sister. When her family gains independence unheard of for women,
she’s relieved that her days of harsh punishments are over. But as
her seventeenth birthday approaches—the typical age to be sold to a
new master—death threats endanger her sisters. She now faces two
options: run or meet society’s expectations.
For once, Cynthia isn’t going to let her older sister shield her
from the problem. She’s going to prove to herself, her sisters, and
society that her family isn’t a threat to their traditions. She
willingly chooses to be purchased by a new master. A bold step that
takes her somewhere she never thought she would go and to a man she
might possibly fall in love with. With his help, she may
find a way to save her sisters while discovering how to
stand up for herself. If she lives long enough.


About the author:

Amazon bestselling author Janeal Falor lives in Utah with her husband and three children. In her non-writing time she teaches her kids to make silly faces, cooks whatever strikes her fancy, and attempts to cultivate a garden even when half the things she plants die. When it's time for a break she can be found taking a scenic drive with her family or drinking hot chocolate.

 Ten Giveaway Combo Packs: ebooks of YOU ARE MINE and prequel, MINE TO TARNISH

Open INT

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This event was put together by CBB Book Promotions.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Cover Reveal : Keeper by Ingrid Seymour

I'm excited to reveal the cover for Keeper by Ingrid Seymour.  This YA fantasy is releasing as a serial novel with the following release dates:

 vol 1 - March 05

 vol 2 - April 2

 vol 3 - May 7

 vol 4 - June 4

and the Omnibus edition with all volumes releases in July.

This is the cover of the omnibus that contains all the stories that comes out in July. 

About the Book:

Greg Papilio both wants and dreads his impending metamorphosis. He’s tired of being a runt—always picked last on the basketball court—and tired of being ugly, like a caterpillar, when he could be what girls call “drop dead gorgeous.” But as much as he looks forward to the transformation, he also fears the caste it will inevitably assign to him. He doesn’t want a common caste, or one that will obliterate his freewill and make him a slave. He wants a powerful one, a cool one.

Samantha Gibson is average. She’s short and a little full around the hips—a terribly cute look for a future chef. À-la-Rachael-Ray in her old days. She’s two years away from culinary school, from her uncaring parents, and from carving a perfectly Human future. She wants independence, a career and a quiet life of her own.

Except fate couldn’t care less about what Greg and Samantha want and gives them exactly the opposite. Greg’s metamorphosis assigns him a caste that enslaves him to Samantha, while her chance to attend Le Cordon Bleu is taken away when her parents get a divorce. And fate’s cruelty doesn’t stop there. Not content with shattering their dreams, it also makes them fall in love, just to tear them apart when Samantha morphs, losing her freewill and developing a compulsion for a guy she barely knows.

Still, these misfortunes are just the tip of the iceberg, because Greg’s fate is to protect Samantha at a time when someone wants her dead. He is her Keeper and will stop at nothing to ensure her safety, even if her secret past proves deadly, even if she belongs to someone else.


Ingrid Seymour loves, loves, loves to write. She's a young and new adult author. She writes in a variety of

genres including romance, urban fantasy, paranormal and horror. She loves pizza and sushi, Sunkist and gum. She believes in vampires, witches, but not zombies (uh-uh, never!) She writes to loud music, daydreams constantly and spends too much time in twitter!! Find her there? ;) Ingrid has incredible fun doing what she does, but more than anything she enjoys hearing from her readers. It's a dream come true.

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Butterman (Time) Travel Inc Review and Interview

Butterman (Time) Travel Inc is a delightful novel that opens you up to the possibilities of time travel in the future. There was a lot to like about this novel! Everything from the setting, the plot and the characters was well written and descriptive.
What I loved:

The characters: Bianca and Tristan had so much chemistry. They worked very well togerher. Tristan was much deeper than just a 'music star'. Bianca was more than a rliable person or Butter dud as Tristan called her.The science- there was a lot of science involved in the making of this time travel- Every action was accounted for!

What I didn't Like: Honestly, nothing! I loved this novel! I got so into teh characters and story . I needed to know what was happening and why! Plus, the description of historical events was amazing! I was disappointed the novel ended but I am so happy there is going to be a sequel!

Now I have an author interview  with PK Herezo! :)

Author Interview:

1)What inspired you to write about time travel?
I grew up in the 80s when my dad watched old school Doctor Who and the Back to the Future trilogy was a smash hit of pop culture.  Somewhere in Time was also a fave, and I’ve always been enchanted with the idea of time travel.
Early last year we introduced Back to the Future to my kids (6 and 8 at the time) and I found myself explaining the concept of time travel in ways I hadn’t considered before. It got my imagination stirring and I really wanted to write a time travel story, but wasn’t sure where or how to even start.
Flash forward-- to after five seasons of Doctor Who with my son later--and I was more than itching to try my hand at it. But it had to be something really different because so much had already been done before. Once the idea of a time travel agency emerged, it all fell into place uncannily and I pounded out a first draft one month later. Neat! I love BTF! I haven't watched Dr. Who yet, but it sounds really cool :)
2)What are your must haves while writing?
Water, headphones and either music or NatureSpace.  Chocolate and or coffee keeps me going if necessary, but not required.
3)What story would you love to rewrite?
Of someone elses? I’d love to do a retelling of Gone With the Wind, only set in the future and really give it a bizarre spin.
4)Who is your favourite author?
I don’t really have a fave—I love so many for different reasons. I’ll have to say Jane Austen maintains my utmost respect and admiration for her cleverness since she was so young when she wrote some of the most beloved novels of all time.
5)How did you know you wanted to become an author?
I think it all started when I realized I was narrating my walks home from the bus stop. I’d say around the age of ten. That’s when it hit me and I knew I was meant to be a storyteller.
Thanks for your time!
Thanks so much for having me here today!

Disclosure: I received a copy for review as always, this didn't affect my review. Thank you PK Herezo and Candice (CBB Book Tours)