Friday, 28 June 2013

Peepboo Nursing Clothing- Review

I want to highlight a local, Canadian company. Peepboo is a clothing line based in Millbrook Ontario. This is a high quality of nursing gear designed for contemporary women. This clothing line is suitable for work clothes, evening wear and lounging around the house. Plus, they are intuitively designed- no clips, just slits that make it so easy for your baby to get access for breastfeeding
Gorgeous Dress

Who is Peepboo? 
Peepboo began when Anita Huntley wanted nursing clothing that worked.  She wanted a change from the traditional frumpy, ill working snap closures and fabrics, so she begun her new while practicing law and breastfeeding her son. What a multi-takser! The other great thing about Peepboo, is that the clothes are manufactured in Toronto
Plus, I love their tagline : Be who are you, breastfeeding. This approach makes it so that you can live your life and bring baby along for the ride. For example a baby and me yoga class and you will be outfitted with great gear~ 

My Review:
I love this top~

I was blessed enough to win a black yoga top (in small). The material is bamboo. It so comfortable. It fits properly! I was so nervous choosing the size as I am now a small. I never whether a small will be long enough. But it is! It is not difficult to pick your size. It is breathable and easy to use. 
Love this top too!

I love how you can wear this at anytime!  Additionally, there is free shipping within Canada and the USA! The only downside is the price- although I think it also reflects quality craftsmanship

How to connect with them:
ON Facebook: 
Website: Where you can purchase through their shop~ 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Canadian Cloth Diapers

The Great Canadian Blog Bash

I learned about the Great Canadian Blog Bash and thought- what a perfect post to link up! My name is Ashleigh. I have a small family- my fiance Jason, my not so little 15 month old W. and our fur baby Ebon. I love making green changes in my life and cloth diapers are a result of that. There are so many great companies and designs. I am also looking into various Canadian mama cloth as well- (hopefully thats' not TMI)
If you want more Canadiana go here: Lots of amazing Canada posts here.

I thought I would compile a list of my favourite Canadian cloth diaper companies in honour of Canada Day. If you use cloth diapers then you are probably already aware of the myriad health and environmental benefits of using cloth.  Whether your reasons for using cloth are for environmental, social or to protect your baby from chemicals, it is awesome to support Canadian companies/ Work at home moms and dads. 

Bummis are celebrating their 25th anniversary! What a milestone. They have produced in North America since 1988 based on sustainability practices. Their factory is in Quebec and have a warehouse in New York. They carry 1 and 2 piece diapers as well as sun clothes, potty training pants  and accessories. 
Here is their website:

Apple Cheeks is very well known.  They are made in Montreal. AppleCheeks fully supports Free the Children and a variety of other charities. They have great products from diapers to reusable nursing pads. 
You’re helping to reduce the amount of waste that sits in a landfill. In ideal conditions it would take 250 – 500 years for a single throwaway diaper to decompose. - See more at:
Connect with their website:
LilHelper in Toronto takes it a step further. With they purchase of three lil helper diapers, they donate a diaper to a family in need. I love this kind of progressive capitalism. They are very interactive with their fans. Their designs are adorable. Plus, their diapers work well through the night. They also have wipes and wet bags. Also, they have give-ways for charcoal bamboo diapers- it is so awesome!
Connect with their facebook page:
Butt-Ons was created by two stay at home moms. I love how they are close to my area. They have fast shipping too. They make the cutest diapers and sell them in their etsy shop. Their diapers are hybrid fitted with snaps. Also  I ordered the zebra minky with black. Oh my gosh- adorable and fluffy doesn't begin to describe it. They are very comfortable. 

I love this print! You can connect with them here-
You can purchase their diapers from hyena cart!

As well, there are dozens of online sites to purchase them. Here are a couple examples.

What is your favourite cloth diaper company? Do you support several companies? What is the most important thing (to you) in choosing a cloth diaper?

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Have it your way give-away

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Friday, 21 June 2013

Ways To Live Greener - Review

A environmentally friendly lifestyle impacts all facets of life- social, physical, mental, your local community and the other nations on a grander scale. Sometimes, choosing a green path can seem overwhelming. Kali Orkin, blogger at Sustainability with a Conscious is on it! Her new book seeks to get people get one foot at the path to green sustainable living. I had the opportunity to review 100 Ways to Live Greener by Orkin. Kali wrote the book in  order to get out the message about how our actions affect our environment, both physical and social.

This book is a great read. It would make a great gift for people wanting to choose a lifestyle change but are unsure of what step to take. Know a college student? This should be on the reading list. I love how this book addresses different areas of life.

A small con is that the book seems short at 50 pages. However, it does have 100 awesome ideas and ways to empower you to think critically about your lifestyle. Also, it would fit perfectly on a kindle.

Another positive is that it is organized by topic. This is awesome because you can look at the section you want, has something for everyone. It is great for beginners and tips for novices as well. The DIY yourself may have something for you :D All in all I fully support the purchase of the book! I love how it talks about the importance of promoting community and neighbors, something that has been forgotten about in our society.  It is much easier to care about the environment where you care about those you live near to. 

Her blog is a perfect way to take sustainability further if you are interested. In conjunction with the book, they are truly about small steps you can take and still be an effective change. 

"Be the change you wish to see"

Kali's biography is below:
Kali Orkin is the founder of The Conscious Consumer, a site dedicated to promoting sustainability through the message of connection, community and purposeful purchasing.  Her first book, 100 Ways to Live Greener will be available on June 24, 2013 on Amazon’s Kindle platform.  100 Ways to Live Greener is a manifesto of conscious living through small but powerful ideas to improve your health and happiness while saving the planet.  Kali has an MBA in Sustainable Business and a culinary arts degree and loves to share her knowledge and experience with the world. She lives in Seattle with her husband and cat.
On Twitter @korkin14
On Pinterest Korkin14
On LinkedIn KaliO

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hi Again!

I have been missing in action the past couple weeks due to a crazy, busy life. Apartment searching has taking a huge amount of time. We still haven't found anything. I hope we find something soon. There's a possibility for August but we will have to see. 
Job searching- still nothing. Welcome to the unemployment capital of Ontario lol. This has made my fiance want to go back to school to get better prepared. I am still working on my doula certification. I love it... I am also thinking of getting my social service worker diploma. The SSW diploma would be a back up career as I get started on my journey as a doula. 

The bubs has been very sick with a stuffy nose, headache and teething pain. He has been cranky and not wanting to sleep.  He is slowly getting better.  I can't believe he is already 15 months. I have also been sick from lack of sleep and also because everyone around seems to have an allergy/ cold thing happening. I am so excited to finally get a sleep schedule going even with all the craziness! I do not believe in CIO at all (if that worked for you- awesome) But I much prefer Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution. I recommend it 100%. 

I attended a La Leche Meeting (my second) I love these meetings. I feel normal! lol.  BF mommas know the feeling of lack of support. (That doesn't mean I don't support parents who use formula- its totally justifiable, your experience and that's okay) But formula tends to get pushed on us, for no reason..  Little monkey loved going to the meeting. I brought my brother along as well. They spent the time playing with the kids and the toys. They had a blast. We ate dinner together. It was very yummy.  (Curry, rice, salad, watermelon- these are a few of my favourite things, followed by frozen yogurt and coffee). It was very nice. 

The discussion was about baby weaning- baby's first foods: some things that came up- Sqaush, sweet potato, papaya, avocado, . Quite an interesting movement away from rice cereal as a baby's first food.  Of course two others thing to remember is that solids before is for fun, especially if you are breastfeeding.