Sunday, 3 May 2015

Want to know about food?

Do you feel safe eating food in our food system? Do you feel that food should be a more integral part of how we lives our lives and our food systems should be equitable?

I invite you to listen to the food summit.
I love listening to the food revolution! So many inspired speakers. I especially loved Slyvia Earle's and  Michael Beckworth's interviews.
It's not easy to change. Listening to what people have to say can be difficult, especially if you aren't where they are. However, when I think about our children's children future- that makes all these issues relevant to me.

They aren't always easy interviews to listen to because of the nature of the facts. Yet, i found the speakers engaging. You can still listen to the summit and catch replays for 24 hours. 

 I love learning about how the world is connected to water, to us. Nature is such an intrinsic part of us. I think that is why today's interviews resonated with me so deeply.  

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