Monday, 2 March 2015

Week 38 -39 Update

At my week 38 appointment, everything was mostly good- weight and blood pressure were. There was a small concern that I was measuring small.
I had an ultrasound to check on the baby, the placenta and to make sure that baby was doing well. The tech said the baby was hard to measure because it was low.  Luckily, everything appears good. I know the baby is still moving and kicking me in the ribs.

Week 39
165 lbs.
Baby's heart rate was 140. It is definitely a bad idea to look up things that can go wrong- when you are worried about baby's size. I was looking up cord prolapse but the baby is still very active. We still haven't picked out a full name. We have a middle name we really like.

My 40 week appointment is coming up and another ultrasound-  unless baby graces us with its' presence. I am excited, nauseous and started to feel  very fearful. 

Two babies! What are we going to do? Will William like his younger sibling? These are the questions in my mind as we enter in to the end of the uneventful pregnancy. (in the sense that baby has been very healthy and I haven't GD or anything like that). 

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