Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Earth Day 2014

Happy Earth Day! I hope you spent some time outside today! Did you know that Earth Day Canada was founded in 1990? Earth Day.ca is a great resource for Canadians. It has a list of events, programs and what you can do. In honour of Earth Day, Cloth Diaper Contests is hosting a cloth diaper giveaway for Canadians!

The Grand Prize is incredible and includes Butt On Cloth diapers, Snappy Nappies, Lil Monkey Cheeks and Thinking about Cloth Diapers.  There is a linky and you can enter to win various cloth diaper packages from other blogs. What a great way to celebrate Earth Day.

Why cloth diaper?
1) Reuse
2)fewer chemicals
3)they don't take forever to break down in a landfill- often you can use for future children or give to others. 

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