Sunday, 30 March 2014

MapleFest-Signs of Spring

MapleFest 2014

One of my favourite signs of spring is Maple Fest! It means the weather has warmed up enough for maple trees to produce sap to make maple syrup. Maple fest is a great family activity. If there is a maple farm in your area, I definitely recommend checking it out. It demonstrates to kids when maple syrup comes from and gets them outside.

Maple tastes great in many foods. I adore maple sugar candy- it is basically maple syrup and sugar. It is very delicious and I am sure very bad for you! Another is maple toffee! Basically, it is heated maple syrup on snow. It is really neat!!

 There is nothing like traditional maple syrup. I love it with pancakes. Did you know maple syrup comes in different colours, from light to dark (amber). The darker the syrup, the stronger the taste. I know some people enjoy maple syrup in their coffee. The best thing is that maple syrup is gluten free! :) Another favourite food is maple fudge, but sometimes wheat flour is added to thicken it.  So definitely be careful when you go to purchase it. 

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