Friday, 28 March 2014

International Doula Week

It is World Doula Week (WDW). It is a week to celebrate doulas and the amazing birth week they do. Doulas have many positive effects on women and their family, including fewer c-sections, breastfeeding assistance and the chance of postpartum disorders is reduced. 
Thank a doula today!

How to find a doula: 
Check out
Ask friends for recommendations

I am really excited to be a postpartum doula student and hope to complete my birth doula certification.  I really belief that doulas do good things. If I had the opportunity to have a doula with my son, I would have definitely agreed. Postpartum support is so important! I am grateful I had my family and fiance to help me- otherwise finishing school would have more difficult. A postpartum doula would have just been added encouragement, especially as I learned about breastfeeding and co-sleeping. Doulas can help moms research important topics, especially things they may not have thought about before. 

Birth support is important as well. Sometimes, the husband or significant other cannot be there so a doula is a great birth partner. Other times, the significant other needs help and a doula can help them as well. Even if it is to go grab coffee and water so their clients can stay together. Quite simply, a doula is as worthwhile investment as a birth or newborn photographer. 

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