Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Canadian Cloth Shop Review

The Canadian Cloth Shop

A few months ago, I entered in a contest for cloth wipes. It was guess the baby's weight and due date. I was the closest. I have received these gorgeous wipes. They are adorable. Some have butterflies and others have pink stars. They are soft. I have been using them to wipe my son's nose because he has been so sick. They are soft enough to do the job. They are perfect for wiping. You can either make a wipe solution or just use warm water.

I haven't been using cloth diapers on my son due to his rash. A combination of teething, sickness and a HE wash machine was doing a number on my poor baby's skin. I also was given the opportunity to review a cloth diaper. It is so adorable and matches the wipes. Perfect for a little girl- lol. While I really don't mind fi my toddler wears pink. These diaper and wipes are so adorable and comfy. It's interesting comparing the different sizes of WAHM cloth diapers.

This one size diaper is evenly made. A lot of care went into this diaper! The buttons line up.

Now onto the cons:  I found this diaper to not fit as well as I would hope. I could just do the first button on each side. However, that side, this diaper did not leak overnight with an insert and cover. So it's quite the absorbent diaper. Also, my son is long for his age, so I think that throws off the fit for a diaper.

I would definitely recommend this diaper though- It's perfect for smaller babies! 

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These are a great Christmas idea too!

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