Sunday, 10 November 2013

Remembrance Day 2013

Remembrance Day is November 11.

When I was young Remembrance Day consisted of either going to the Cenotaph ( a memorial site) or a visit from a veteran.  We bought poppies, coloured in work books about Remembrance Day and committed the Poem In Flanders Fields to memory. ]

In grade 8? Writing an essay to celebrate being Canadians and our freedoms. 

In university  celebrating Remembrance Day was about visiting the chapel, buying poppies and listening to speeches. 

Now that I have a young child, remembrance day means teaching my child about equality, respect, freedom and how thousands of men and women fight for our rights and ability to embrace them.

The easiest way to introduce Remembrance Day is through crafts.  Because my little guy is so young we might start off by drawing poppies or a cut and paste activity. 

Now, you don't have to agree with war to support our troops. Our troops are an extension of us, our community   Many do not get the mental health help they require, which is terrible.  I feel like it is up to us to fight for them. 

Each soldier is a member of a family, a community and their sacrifice means so much more. I added a link to the touching story because it describes so poignantly.

How do you commemorate Remembrance Day? 

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