Thursday, 24 October 2013

GMO Mini Summit 2013

October is GMO awareness month. Did you know that GMOS (genetically modified foods) contribute to diseases, environmental threats and fewer harvested crops? Do you feel safe eating crops that have been dusted with roundup? Since the use of GMOs allergies, allergies and illnesses have flared.

Social activists and scientists have come together to speak out. Hosted by John and Ocean Robbins, who believe good food is the key to good health, they firmly believe this should be in the realm of public knowledge. Listed below are just of the speakers you can expect at this free online summit.  Feel empowered and share the knowledge. 

You can sign up for the *free* webinar here.
If you chose to purchase and own the videos of the GMO summit, I will receive a small percentage to help maintain my blog and family. 

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