Sunday, 6 October 2013

31DBC- My birthday
So I meant to post this yesterday, but toddler decided to fall asleep with mommy :) 

My 24th birthday recently occurred. In honour of that, here are 24 facts about me:
!_ I am certifying to be  a postpartum and birth doula
2) I would like to train as lactation consellor
3) my backup plan is to study ECE
4) My favourite colour
5) my favourite number is 3
6) I have one son
7) I would love to have more children
8) I'm allergic to peanuts, but not others nuts or tree nuts
9) I have an very eclectic taste in music
10) I love to read : Fantasy. Sci fi, thriller, mystery, historicl
11) If I was going to dye my hair- it would red or blue
12) i have had glasses since I was 6
13) I have hashimoto's
14) I am 5'9
15) I have student loan debt
16) I love cloth diapers
17) I am a gamer (started with N64, now in MMO like Wow and Rift and comp games like KOTOR and Torchlight 2
18) life long learning love Coursera! 
19) I am currently engaged. We have been together for almost 3 years
20) I am working on being organized in my life and in my house lol
21) L love entering contests- winning a fluffy prize is my goal
22) I love kids' movies!

23) My eyes are grey-blue but they change colour
24)I love photography

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