Sunday, 1 September 2013

Yoga and Meditation Challenge- Week 1 +updates

I have to say this yoga + meditation week has been going pretty well! On Monday morning, I was able to practice some stretches. It felt really good! I like to meditate before I sleep. It relaxes me. I do this a few different ways. I either listen to my breathing and say OM OMM Shanti Shanti (Peace, Peace) while breathing deeply or I think of something that is relaxing like a waterfall. Wednesday, i was able to do more yoga. I did the Standing Sun Salutations and Cat-Cow pose to get ready for sleep. Followed by child's pose and more meditation. 
 What time of day do you practice yoga and meditation? In the morning, yoga can awaken your spirit. Sun salutations are a great way to start the day! Here is a link to a video to learn beginner sun salutations!

The right poses before bed can calm you down. They put you in a relaxing state and include cat-cow pose and child's pose. These are two of my favourites~ 

Yoga Journal

The key take out is that you have to practice what feels good for you.

Week 2:  Going well with both yoga and meditation.

Week 3 Update; my monthly cycle. Do a few poses. Apparently you are not supposed to do forward bends, but I am not 100 % sure. Meditation helps me relax and sleep.

Week4 update: A little off track this week. Must continue to do so, Will feel so much better!

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