Friday, 20 September 2013

My Bubz 17-18 Months

Time passes by so quickly. He's a list of somethings my little guy like to do. He is learning a lot each day. Talking more. You can see him problem solving.: 

My bubz, 17 months
I can't believe my little monkey is 17 months! He is very big for his age lol.
I won a pair of Skights, based in Toronto, Skights are super cute tight/ socks perfect for any diaper wearing/ potty training kid. I got a size large and they fit him just right.

  • He can say “what's this?” “Turtle, bubble, roar, vroo
  • I want a snack
  • Juice
  • Kiss
  • He can scoot down stairs on his bum or hold your hand and walk down them. He can also walk up stairs holding on to the banister.

  • He can dance, jump, run and walk carefully down hills. He loves to colour, especially on himself lol.
  • He loves to watch tv, especially Max and Ruby and Franklin. He likes to watch music videos on Youtube and dance to them. He also enjoys sitting down in his chair to look at his books. Favorites include Clifford, TMNT (He borrows them from his uncle), Winnie the Pooh and Sesame Street.
  • Has discovered enjoyment in puzzles and animal sounds (moo, baa)
  • He loves to hide and play peek a boo. He will hide in corners, under tables, behind chairs and in the little house we made from the stroller box.

What 's this. What's that?

18 months

  • <Nursing less during the day. Too busy drinking, eating , playing, reading, 
  • <nursing more at night
  • <will fall asleep on daddy
  • >or on the couch
  • <knows how to turn tv on and off- watches less. Turns channel and volume too
  • He can scoot down a hill on his bum
  • He plays ring around the rosy by falling on his bum
  • <Rocking out to Metallica, A7, System of A Down- I am so glad it doesn't scare him. lol. 
  • < Sesame Street, especially Elmo and Cookie Monster
  • <Katy Perry and others
  • <play pretend with his toys
  • <Colour, eat playdough (lol)
  • <love dinosaurs and cars, trucks and trains
  • <Will look at his uncle TMNT book over and over

What has your baby/ toddler/ child learned this week?

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