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Lexia- Character Interview

Character Interview with Lexia, Lincoln and Alice, From The Deadwood Hunter Series Book 1

Rachel shared her character interview with me! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Can you please tell us your name and the book you live in?
Hey! I’m Lexia or Lex for short and I’m a character in Rachel M Raithby’s book LEXIA, The Deadwood Hunter Series #1. The books named after me and I live in Deadwood, so Rachel is obviously an absolute genius {Smirks and Winks}
How did you convince your author to make a book about you?
Well I used to pester her all night whilst she was trying to sleep, and then she went on this really nice holiday, to the Gold Coast, Australia. I spent most of the two weeks there, knocking on her skull, telling her she could be writing whilst laid on the pool side. I think she started the book to shut me up {Laughs}
Can you tell us about a favourite childhood memory you have?
I remember this day when we had to move again and I really didn’t want to, I must have been 4 years old. Well anyway I remember crying in the back seat as we were driving, when my dad suddenly changes direction and announces we were going to the beach. We parked up and got out, dad grabbed the food he’d packed earlier and we started to walk across these rugged fields, I was so tired and dad had to carry me on his back after a while. I’m not sure how long we walked but eventually we came to this secluded beach, it was too cold to go in the water, but I spent the whole day on that beach, running about and dad built this amazing sand castle. I never did ask him where that was.
Can you tell us something that you found hard from your childhood?
Moving around a lot when I was young was hard, but it’s also great seeing all these different places. Probably the hardest part was growing up without a mum; there are only some many things you can tell your dad! Thank god I have Alice.
Alice is your best friend in LEXIA isn’t she? Can you tell us a little about her?
Yes Alice is my best friend and where do I start? Alice is one of those people that drive you absolutely insane and you love them for it. {Smiles} She has a special talent for always getting what she wants, but she is loyal and the best friend a girl could ask for.
Did you learn anything from the adventure in this book?
Yes, life likes to bite you in arse {Crosses arms and scowls}
What was the most exciting thing that happened to you in this book?
That’s a bit spoilery don’t you think? I don’t want to give the game away!

Aww come on give us a little something!
Don’t think you can pull an Alice on me and have me spilling my guts! I will tell you this, push me and you’ll be sorry! {Smiles smugly with an evil glint in her eye}
Okay, okay! Keep yea pants on. Is there anything in this book that you regret doing?
Plenty, but I can only say I regret wishing it would have been nice to have a mum.
What would you like your Author to think about when she’s writing book 2?
I’d like her to stop channelling her evil side, that she inherited from her dad and give me a break! I mean there is only so much a teenage girl can deal with!
Thanks for joining us Lex!
Thanks for having me here, it’s been nice talking to someone other than Rachel, she’s quiet boring sometimes you know! All dirty dishes and clothes, and boy can those kids scream!
Okay now we welcome Lincoln into the room, tell us Lincoln how did you manage to get your Author to write you into LEXIA?
Hey thanks for having me, and she didn’t take much convincing! Look at me {Hands sweep over body} Rachel swoons whenever she thinks of me; I’m surprised she got any writing done at all. {Grins}
Pretty confidant aren’t you?
Just a fact, I’m hot.
{Shake head and smile} Right back to the book, what have you learnt from life after being in this book?
That life is never as it seems, you think you have it all worked out, your path right in front of you, and then Boom! It all changes, and it never works out the way you thought it would.
Wow that’s deep.
Is it? I like it deep {Smiles seductively and winks}
What? {Gives me that puppy dog smile}
Now I know what Lexia means about your smile.
{Leans back in chair with a smug look on his face}
Let’s keep on topic, in chapter 5 Lexia says “...and a stunning but scary ass guy is stalking me” What are your comments on that statement?
Well we’ve already been over the fact that I’m hot, and as for her saying I’m scary? Well okay, sometimes I may come across that way, but really I’m a nice guy {Smiles}
And the stalking comment?
I was trying to avoid that one, Lexia obviously exaggerated here; women do that a lot {Smug smile}
Hmm, we asked Lexia what her favourite child hood memory was, what’s yours?
Listening to my father telling me stories as a kid, and playing with my friend Caden.
And your hardest?
Moving away from a place that was my home.
Okay one last question before we welcome Alice, what would you say your best quality is?
Alice! You won’t get away from her she never shuts up! My best quality? Hmm that’s hard I have so many, probably that I’d do anything for the people I love and I mean anything. {Serious Glint in his eyes}
{Hmm I see what Lexia means by the scary} Well thanks for dropping by, send Alice in on your way out please.
Sure thing! Great to be here {Winks and leaves}
Hello Alice, we’ve got a few minutes left, so let’s get right to it, Lexia says you have a special talent for getting what you want, care to comment?
Hey! It’s so great to be here and sure yes, I get what I want most of the time, and with Lex I always get what I want, but then she shouldn’t be such a push over!
Lincoln said you never shut up, what would you say to that?
Did he now? Well he’ll be sorry when I get out of here! I don’t talk that much; I mean it’s not my fault that I have so many interesting things to say! Like did you know that Lexia’s dad Mike has been a bit crazy lately? And he had the nerve to tell Lex she couldn’t see guys! I mean, hello! She’s practically middle aged! {Gestures’ for me to come closer} Did you know Lex is nearly twenty! She swore me to secrecy, so don’t tell her I told you! You know I’d so kill my dad if he said I couldn’t see boys! Were teenagers how can we not see boys? CRAZY!
Anyway Alice! Next question, can you tell us how important your role is in this story?
{Rolls eyes} So important! Lex would be no where without me! Were like sisters!
Last question Alice, we asked Lex to tell us what the most exciting thing to happen to her in the book was but she wouldn’t say, can you tell us?
Well... I’m not sure, Lex did lecture me about not giving anything away but if it’s strictly between you and me, then what’s the harm?
Exactly Alice, I knew we could rely on you! Do tell.
Okay first mega secret did you know that Linc – {Lex crashes through the door, has her hand over Alice’s mouth with lightning speed} I KNEW YOU COULDN’T KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ALICE!
{Alice is dragged out of interview room} Sorry interviews over! Thanks for having us and we hope you like our story!
Bye Lex, Alice.
Don’t forget me {Lincoln winks and walks away}

B-bye {Sat momentarily stunned, staring at Linc’s stunning arse}

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