Friday, 28 June 2013

Peepboo Nursing Clothing- Review

I want to highlight a local, Canadian company. Peepboo is a clothing line based in Millbrook Ontario. This is a high quality of nursing gear designed for contemporary women. This clothing line is suitable for work clothes, evening wear and lounging around the house. Plus, they are intuitively designed- no clips, just slits that make it so easy for your baby to get access for breastfeeding
Gorgeous Dress

Who is Peepboo? 
Peepboo began when Anita Huntley wanted nursing clothing that worked.  She wanted a change from the traditional frumpy, ill working snap closures and fabrics, so she begun her new while practicing law and breastfeeding her son. What a multi-takser! The other great thing about Peepboo, is that the clothes are manufactured in Toronto
Plus, I love their tagline : Be who are you, breastfeeding. This approach makes it so that you can live your life and bring baby along for the ride. For example a baby and me yoga class and you will be outfitted with great gear~ 

My Review:
I love this top~

I was blessed enough to win a black yoga top (in small). The material is bamboo. It so comfortable. It fits properly! I was so nervous choosing the size as I am now a small. I never whether a small will be long enough. But it is! It is not difficult to pick your size. It is breathable and easy to use. 
Love this top too!

I love how you can wear this at anytime!  Additionally, there is free shipping within Canada and the USA! The only downside is the price- although I think it also reflects quality craftsmanship

How to connect with them:
ON Facebook: 
Website: Where you can purchase through their shop~ 


  1. Those all look gorgeous! I love the dress - I keep seeing super cute summer dresses in the stores and telling myself I can't buy them because I'm nursing and couldn't wear them. I feel like I'll be perpetually stuck with skirts/tops. I love the fact they are a Canadian company too. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for sharing and for dropping by my blog. :)

  2. Hi! They are so gorgeous. They are really sweet ladies as well. That is a question I constantly ask myself- how easily can I nurse in this outfit/ dress? You're welcome on both counts :D