Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hi Again!

I have been missing in action the past couple weeks due to a crazy, busy life. Apartment searching has taking a huge amount of time. We still haven't found anything. I hope we find something soon. There's a possibility for August but we will have to see. 
Job searching- still nothing. Welcome to the unemployment capital of Ontario lol. This has made my fiance want to go back to school to get better prepared. I am still working on my doula certification. I love it... I am also thinking of getting my social service worker diploma. The SSW diploma would be a back up career as I get started on my journey as a doula. 

The bubs has been very sick with a stuffy nose, headache and teething pain. He has been cranky and not wanting to sleep.  He is slowly getting better.  I can't believe he is already 15 months. I have also been sick from lack of sleep and also because everyone around seems to have an allergy/ cold thing happening. I am so excited to finally get a sleep schedule going even with all the craziness! I do not believe in CIO at all (if that worked for you- awesome) But I much prefer Elizabeth Pantley's No Cry Sleep Solution. I recommend it 100%. 

I attended a La Leche Meeting (my second) I love these meetings. I feel normal! lol.  BF mommas know the feeling of lack of support. (That doesn't mean I don't support parents who use formula- its totally justifiable, your experience and that's okay) But formula tends to get pushed on us, for no reason..  Little monkey loved going to the meeting. I brought my brother along as well. They spent the time playing with the kids and the toys. They had a blast. We ate dinner together. It was very yummy.  (Curry, rice, salad, watermelon- these are a few of my favourite things, followed by frozen yogurt and coffee). It was very nice. 

The discussion was about baby weaning- baby's first foods: some things that came up- Sqaush, sweet potato, papaya, avocado, . Quite an interesting movement away from rice cereal as a baby's first food.  Of course two others thing to remember is that solids before is for fun, especially if you are breastfeeding. 

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