Thursday, 27 June 2013

Canadian Cloth Diapers

The Great Canadian Blog Bash

I learned about the Great Canadian Blog Bash and thought- what a perfect post to link up! My name is Ashleigh. I have a small family- my fiance Jason, my not so little 15 month old W. and our fur baby Ebon. I love making green changes in my life and cloth diapers are a result of that. There are so many great companies and designs. I am also looking into various Canadian mama cloth as well- (hopefully thats' not TMI)
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I thought I would compile a list of my favourite Canadian cloth diaper companies in honour of Canada Day. If you use cloth diapers then you are probably already aware of the myriad health and environmental benefits of using cloth.  Whether your reasons for using cloth are for environmental, social or to protect your baby from chemicals, it is awesome to support Canadian companies/ Work at home moms and dads. 

Bummis are celebrating their 25th anniversary! What a milestone. They have produced in North America since 1988 based on sustainability practices. Their factory is in Quebec and have a warehouse in New York. They carry 1 and 2 piece diapers as well as sun clothes, potty training pants  and accessories. 
Here is their website:

Apple Cheeks is very well known.  They are made in Montreal. AppleCheeks fully supports Free the Children and a variety of other charities. They have great products from diapers to reusable nursing pads. 
You’re helping to reduce the amount of waste that sits in a landfill. In ideal conditions it would take 250 – 500 years for a single throwaway diaper to decompose. - See more at:
Connect with their website:
LilHelper in Toronto takes it a step further. With they purchase of three lil helper diapers, they donate a diaper to a family in need. I love this kind of progressive capitalism. They are very interactive with their fans. Their designs are adorable. Plus, their diapers work well through the night. They also have wipes and wet bags. Also, they have give-ways for charcoal bamboo diapers- it is so awesome!
Connect with their facebook page:
Butt-Ons was created by two stay at home moms. I love how they are close to my area. They have fast shipping too. They make the cutest diapers and sell them in their etsy shop. Their diapers are hybrid fitted with snaps. Also  I ordered the zebra minky with black. Oh my gosh- adorable and fluffy doesn't begin to describe it. They are very comfortable. 

I love this print! You can connect with them here-
You can purchase their diapers from hyena cart!

As well, there are dozens of online sites to purchase them. Here are a couple examples.

What is your favourite cloth diaper company? Do you support several companies? What is the most important thing (to you) in choosing a cloth diaper?


  1. Bummis were the first prefolds and covers that I bought for my first baby, and I definitely have the AppleCheeks love. AMP Diapers is another made in Canada brand I love. Can you tell I'm a cloth diaper freak too? If you get a chance, I'd love a visit to my #TGCBB post (

    1. I will have to check AMP diapers out. I love finding new diapers to add to my 'want' list lol. There is nothing like a cloth diaper addiction! I would be happy to!

  2. I never used cloth but I've heard those names and never knew they were Canadian! thanks for linking up with us this year!

    1. Thank you! I am so excited to link up! Its interesting the number of companies that are actually Canadian :)

  3. Nice to meet you, I came from the TGCBB - thanks for the info!!

  4. oh these cloth diapers look so cute and many of my friends are using them but I cannot make myself go down that route... not smart I know!

    1. Lol- try using them , you might change your mind :p They are not that bad. There are also a lot of disposable son the market that are natural and biodegradable. :)