Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mother's Day

 I think Mother's Day is an important celebration.  Mothers have such an impact on our life.
What is on my Mother’s Day list?Of course mothers are more than blood kin- they can be another relative,  a friends mom or a teacher. Its important to celebrate the wise woman and mentors in our life

As someone attempting to live a greener lifestyle these are my top picks:  Hopefully this isn’t TMI but I would love:

  • Lunapads- A great green alternative to disposables 
  • The Diva Cup- same as above (or the Lunette) there are many options!
  • Bento Box – reusable lunch kit, cutlery and straws- I can’t say YES enough to this!
  • organic coffee- definitely a given- better for the environment and the workrse 
  • Fair trade chocolate- because everyone should have a living wage and chocolate is awesome 
  • Books:
  • Anything by Ina May Gaskins
  •  Food Inc. 
  • Other suggestions- support WAHM- vist Etsy :)  

However, this Mother’s Day, I am really hoping my fiancé can find a job. I would also love breakfast in bed (orange juice, bacon and pancakes and tea and fruit- anyone? ):P

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