Monday, 6 May 2013


Did you know that 7-9% of people in Canada are infertile? Roughly 1/3 is caused by men, 1/3 by women and the other 1/3 is by a combo. Infertility is a daily struggle for couples and some single women. It is scary how common it is- whether caused by stress, hormones or a host of other issues.  i had no issue conceiving my little monkey, but I am worried about the future. There are quite a few women who had no problem getting pregnant the first time.

 I got these stats from here-
If you are in Ontario and would like to support awareness of infertility, join this group! Here, you can bid on two Avon baskets. If you win, some of the payment will cover the cost of shipping.

Do you suffer from infertility? Do you know anyone who has?

Note: I am a Avon Independent Rep.

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