Sunday, 28 April 2013

What is dermatillomania?

Have you heard of Dermatillomania ? It is a condition fuelled by anxiety that causes individuals to pick at their skin. It is similar to OCD. The need to pick is fuelled by various triggers. Stress is an leader factor. This indicates that self care is a very necessary part of everyday life. Another trigger is certain diseases like diabetes. There is one more than cause of dermatillomania. 
Dealing with dermatillomania requires a multi-pronged approach. First is realizing what you are doing. Discover your triggers. Many people pick without noticing it as a form of stress relief. This isn't healthy for your skin. instead of picking do another activity- reading,cooking, yoga, sewing, play video games, take up photography- the possibilities are endless. Get into nature. Nature is a great underutilized pleasure, much like exercise. Some people also require anti anxiety or anti depressants- this is not a sign of weakness. You should always consult with your doctor. This website has great information and advice to help people dealing with this disorder. dermatillomaniatreatment.- you should visit! 
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