Monday, 8 April 2013

What drives me to be Green?

I have always cared about the environment. My passion for the Earth started young  When the plight of dolphin when tuna fishing came to light, I made my mom buy dolphin safe tuna. Watching the Wild Kratt Brothers inspired me to protect animals. My friend wanted to start a friendship club but I thought it was important to have a "Save the Animals' Fund because they are so many friends in the world. Although now i know there needs to be more friends today. 

Poverty, the environment, human and animal rights are intertwined.  Going to Jamaica makes you realize the difference between the have and the have nots. There are many resorts, but how much of that money is staying in country? They do not have proper sewage or plumbing so everything ends up in the ocean. The poorest live on a garbage dump and make money 'recycling' or 'up-cycling'. 

In Canada we are so blessed to have social networks. We have proper recycling and proper plumping. Yet there are times when we seem to care less about ourselves and the environment than Jamaicans. 

Now that I have my son, I want to fight for clean air, clean water and a safe environment. There are many toxins in the world. It is shocking how much ends up in a person's body. The effect is multiplied in a smaller child. Autism, Cancer are becoming shockingly high. I feel that it is connected to environmental issues such polluted water and fracking.

If you would like to visit some organizations for more information - the ones below are great!

For kids: 

Earth Rangers.



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Seventh Generation-

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  1. Loved this. Becoming a momma definitely was the push I needed in seeking knowledge and striving to live healthier.