Monday, 15 April 2013

UBP13 AFterparty

What's better than a party? An after party of course :) I am excited to share the great blogs I've stumbled upon with you. Blog hopping is a great way to feel part of your community- in this case parents who love their children. Its amazing! Plus there is so much you can learn from each blog. There are parenting blogs. Blogs on how to blog efficiently and monetize your blog- Simply Stacie. Our fabulous hosts, 5 minutes for mom.
Here's some posts I hope to do in the near future: gluten free lactation cookies, Green Moms Network April Blog Challenge including Earth Day Activities for Kids and What Inspires Me, How to help your baby and toddler cope naturally with teething pain if you are interested and a review of the book The Normal Bar that i won in a giveaway if you want to stick around. Following is a list of the blogs:

Dreaming About Baby: This is Sarah's blog about her life, which includes her husband. As well, they have a daughter Aubrey, a focal point of the blog.

jamericanspice: A Caribbean mom with two kids living in the US. She loves to rea, just like me!

My Butterfly Haus- Elizabeth's well designed blog who is into homemaking, crafting, baking and is Christian :)

Notes From Heidi- Another home maker blog who loves to share her life, which includes the adorable Callan. 

The Mommy Earth- A very kind Christian mom blogger with 5 children:)

Mayesa- gluten free chocolate drink. mmm

Parenting With Research- Jessica's blog about life with her twins, the trips they take and other very important topics. 

behindthecameraanddreaming- A lovely photographer and her family. 

Blending a Family of Dorks-This is a sweet blog about blending a new family together. I love it! 

Tales from the Motherhood- A former child actress turned mother. It is a great blog because she is very well grounded. 

I made a top ten :) There were so many amazing blogs in the party, it was definitely hard to decide which to look at. I had so much fun! Comment below- Did you feel inspired by this blog hop? 

Ultimate Blog Party 2013


  1. Thanks for sharing the love! :)

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! :)

  3. Ashleigh,
    You came by my blog and I appreciate that, even if I didn't make the top ten. :o)

    I don't think of myself as a mom blogger per se. Just a mom who blogs. My kids are big now and don't need a lot of mom-ming. They mainly need a cheerleader and sometimes a boundary setter or a resource.

    In any case, I have a very dear friend with Celiac Disease and I have sent her the link to your blog.

    Yay for rice krispie treats! is mainly what I want to say.

    Party on to you as well. Nice to have met you.

    1. Hi! Don't feel bad, you should be on the list. I am not very organized at all and I feel very inspired by your blog. Thanks for visiting me:) I much appreciate it! I love that- mom-ming.

  4. I did UBP last year and LOVED it! Hate I missed it this year but sadly just did not have time for anything else at all.

    1. No wonder! You have a lot going on this year :) Thanks for visiting!