Saturday, 27 April 2013

Two Skills I want to Learn

I have the worst fine motor skills, however, I have always wanted to learn to sew.  It would be really neat to make my own cloth diapers, fix clothes and make Halloween costumes. 
Even just fix a pocket or add buttons. My fiance can sew. He has fixed my coat pockets before.  He is also able to fix stuffed animals that have come apart. This is actually a really useful skill. 

The other thing i would like to have is gardening skills. I really want to grow a vegetable garden. Garden fresh vegetables are amazing!  Additionally, it teaches kids where food comes from. Then you can always, freeze, can or sell the leftovers. It is a great practice, plus it gets you working outside with nature.  What skills do you wish you had? 

April Blog Writing Challenge


  1. Wish I could sew, but I've given up. I want to swear and throw the machine across the room. So I've decided to focus on gardening. More power to you! :)