Sunday, 14 April 2013

My life before I met my spouse and had a child.

Before we had my son, my boyfriend and I lived together with a few roommates in a small house. It was nice. I attended summer school and played WOW.                                                                                
I was attending my final year of university. I met my love. It was quite a whirlwind year. I wanted to do well in school.  No distractions. So I went to class, did my work, visited my friends and tried to ask for help with work if i needed it. I did very well in most of my classes. I cannot state enough how much I loved International Development. Also, I loved my campus.  My family visited some extended family out west just after I realized I was pregnant. My cousin had a wedding. It was my third time on a plane. The trip was a great experience.  

Just before I met my fiance, I was in a bad way. Really. I was dating a drug addict, which almost never ends well. You just need to see Intervention Canada. At the time, i couldn't see it for what it was. A really bad relationship to make up for negative events. I was in my third year of university. I almost become addicted myself. It  was not a good situation. 

I have tendency to hold in my emotions. Which is a not a healthy form of expression.  This resulted in my 'bad relationships'. I also had a period of time when i flitted from relationship to relationship. Not typical me behaviour.  Just a coping mechanism. Luckily, I had a ephiphany. I hated what it was doing to me, my family, academics. All the cards had begun to tumble. So I said, I deserved something better. I realized all my fear and anger. It is going to sound crazy but not long after that I met my wonderful fiance. 

Before university I was a studious student in high school. I graduated with a 92 average. A year later, my university brought our a free year of tuition after i graduated. A small issue though. I am blessed i was able to study what I want. Let's see what else happened in high school: My little brother was born, my other brother had a serious accident and thankfully survived and I had my Celiac diagnosis (and peanut allergy form). Frankly,  I was happy to feel healthy again. 

Everyone has negative experiences. It is how we deal with what we are given that makes us who we are.  I am happy to say that I met my goals by graduating university. My next are to get my driver's licence and to have a postpartum doula business . As well, I have found a loving supportive partner. He is not afraid to ask me what is on my mind and how I am feeling. 
My little brother and I- He's about 5 in this picture
Shayne and Jason enjoying ice cream
Out west- Yes, Shayne likes to be in pictures with us. And I was about a month pregnant  
Christmas 2011- i'm laughing and he looks so serious. I am about  7 months pregnant 
Christmas 2012-after he asked me to marry him :)
Son's first Christmas

Here is to three years together and our future with our beautiful child and my little brother.

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