Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Mommy Confessions

Oh Mommy confessions. I have a few of those lol. 

Allnighters make me want coffee and I am generally not a coffee drinker

Now that Monkey is a 13months, I miss the new baby smell

 I love watch William point and try to ask for food and toys

I feel so bad that I missed that he actually had a blister on his finger. I thought he was just sucking on it because of his teeth- My poor baby. Daddy had to pop it and Monkey handled it better than I did! Lesson Learned: Don't assume things and yes children do get hurt, especially when they are active and it still sucks!

Your child will learn to undo the snaps on cloth diapers. He will pee on the floor and sometimes you will forget to clean it up. 

Also you will grow to love and want more cloth diapers (you might even start thinking about mama cloth!) And cloth potty trainers!

I also love cuddling and sleeping with our bubs. Its restful and makes nursing so easy. 

You will pick a lot of baby nose's because they don't know how to blow

I love watching Monkey look at books and get so excited when daddy comes home from school
My little family 

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  1. Awww, poor little guy and his blister :( I hate when you think there's nothing going on, and then you realize what it is.

    Haha. When we are home, half the time, my son doesn't even have diapers on when we are home. We put him on the potty a lot, but once inawhile, I forget and my 2 year old points out pee on the floor.

    Thanks for linking up!