Thursday, 18 April 2013

Great Cloth Diaper Change

Have you heard of the Great Cloth Diaper Change? Cities in Canada and US are promoting cloth diapering and trying to set a record. Are you a veteran at cloth diapers? Find an event near you"! New to cloth diapers? Check out an event near you and see how easy it is to use cloth diapers. Have some fun and celebrate the reduction of waste and chemicals. 

Amazingly, in 2012, there were events in 15 countries. Cloth diapering does not just happen in North America. If you want to learn more about the great cloth diaper change, please click the link. 

"As of 4/2/13, 285 hosts have registered to hold world record events in 17 countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Germany, Spain, Finland, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Mexico, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and the US.?"

 Do you cloth diaper? Want to find out more? Find out if there is a Cloth Diaper Change in your area! Then you can meet some nice parents and other people who cloth diaper. 

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