Saturday, 13 April 2013

Free Blogger Opp!

Warming it up- Blogger Opp!

Hey fellow Bloggers! Pink Ninja Media and Jen's BlahBlah blog are working together with the Warming it up Your Way giveaway.  Sign ups available now! Come help promote it! Yes I am asking you :)

With this giveaway gets to decide on their specific prize. Isn't that terrific?  So one winner will get a $500 prize and you fellow blogger can get one free link for twitter or Pinterest. 

HIYW Giveaway

Winners can choose from:
  • Amazon gift cards, kindle, toys, tablets, walmart gift cards- Winner's Choice!
  • Amount of prize will depend on sponsers and money made on the links - for $300 we run at $500
  • open worldwide
  • bloggers get one free link - twitter or pinterest with announcement post - don't want to write you own?
  • Additional links $5, Daily comments  and votes are $3
  • Should begun June 1st and last for a month. If not bloggers will receive an email
  • for payments
  • On Jen's BlahBlah blog there is a paypal button if you wish! You will need to enter amounts
  • Blogger referral prize $25 (yay)!
If you want to sign up for this giveaway, visit this website: 

Jenn's Blah Blah Blog's Have It Your Way Giveaway.

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