Monday, 15 April 2013

Earth Day Ideas for Kids

There are a lot of Earth Day activities for kids.  You can start new traditions with your family. These traditions can have a lasting impact on your children. What better value to teach your children but to care for the earth? 

  1. Read the Lorax or another favourite "green" book
  2. Visit the farmer's market-show where food comes from
  3. make a seasonal recipe and teach your kids about preparing food
  4. make a craft using recycled items
  5. make a game like making sure the lights are turned off
  6. get outside- My favourite! 
  7. Reduce packaging/ don't use a straw or commit to litter less lunches
  8. Use reusable shopping bags, baskets 
  9. Participate in an Earth Day clean up- Make sure to watch children carefully and wear gloves
  10. Have a discussion with your kids- Even older kids might interested in this. Plus you have the opportunity to learn what your children know as well as teaching them a skill like spring gardening. Topics for discussion: why recycling is important, oceans, why people choose vegetarianism, air pollution and oil spills. 

If you are in Ontario, here is an handy guide to what is available and you can pick your own!

Check out this website for how to live minimally for a week can reduce your effect on the earth.

What does your family do to celebrate Earth Day? 


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    1. Aww thanks Angie!! I will visit your blog again. I really enjoyed it!

  2. What wonderful ideas! I'm so excited to have kids and do things like this with them. :-)

    1. Thank you Susannah! Kids are definitely a lot of fun!