Monday, 22 April 2013

Alva Pocket Diapers- A Review

In honour of Earth Day, I want to talk about one of my more 'sustainable' choices. First off I admit, I do not always use cloth diapers- it is about 50 percent of the time. I definitively agree that they save money, are better for the environment and for the babe. However,   I am interested in testing different types of cloth diapers. I usually use them when I run out of disposables, on the weekends or just because they have cute designs. Also, if I want to build up a stash for my next child. 

Let's talk about sustainability for a second.  People argue against cloth diapers because of  the use of washing machines. However, washing machines have become very energy efficient. Additionally, you can now use a cold water cycle.  Others believe cloth diapers are complicated to wash. Generally, once you have figured out their pattern cloth diapers become much easier to wash. Additionally,  you can hang cloth diapers up to dry. This is just like washing baby clothes. If you have any sort of staining on your diapers or breastmilk stains on an onesie, the sun is a great at getting rid of that stain. On the other hand, disposables diapers tend to take thousands of year to break down in the dump.  As well, they are made up of numerous chemicals. Cloth diapers tend to last so future children can use them. In the end, if you have to do what fits in with your lifestyle. There are many 'greener' options for disposables. These can be a great alternative! 

Alva Diapers 

This company is based in China.  Some people prefer only supporting North American companies for a myriad of reasons. Others have no problem supporting other countries and the Alva diapers are really good for the price. I got my Alva diapers second hand. 

I use Alva pocket diapers. What is great about these diapers is that they are one size diapers. There are three rows of snaps designed to accommodate 8-35lb babies depending on the rise. There is an absorbent insert. These diapers are waterproof and breathable!  I also admire the designs. Little bug looks adorable in them.  I like how trim fitting they are. I can put pants over top. He doesn't like the baby legs that I own. They leave red marks and i think they are too tight for him. So he either wears pants or has just a shirt and diaper.  
To wear overnight, I tend to put in an extra layer- I use microfiber insert in the pocket, and a flat rolled up in the diaper. Then I usually put on a cover, just in case. 

How do you feel about cloth diapers? Would you use them? Do you have plans to celebrate Earth Day? 

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  1. I'm planning on cloth diapering my kids... But we'll see what actually happens when I have them... ;-)