Sunday, 24 March 2013

Try On Avon Advance Techniques hair color now!

Ever wanted to try a new hair colour?  Try On Avon Advance Techniques hair color now!: Check out the new hair look I created using Avon's Try It On tool! Upload your own photo to try on hair color shades.  Try it now! It's free.

It's great to do something for yourself once in awhile. Also, Avon Canada supports Breast Cancer Research and Domestic abuse survivors. It is an easy to start getting involved with a company that is over 120 years old. What a long time to be empowering women! 

Want to go further? How about try your hand at becoming an Avon Independent Representive. There are a lot of positive reasons to become one today!
Financial Freedom: Pay off your credit card, student loans or plan a vacation
Personal Growth- Gain valuable skills, Learn how to network, use social media 
Gain Friends: Friends are invaluable :) 

Avon is also changing its structure with a move to Promise- when you can soon reserve orders, have a guaranteed discount, one flat shipping rate. 

You can also just order from Avon Canada at will ship to anyone on Canada. 

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