Sunday, 17 March 2013

To my Son on His First Birthday

There are few words to describe the feelings of holding a tiny, fragile being in your arms. Knowing you are healthy. That you are screaming and want your mommy. You passed your apgar test (yay-although it is not always an accurate indicator of baby's chance for thriving) Feeling your warm little body on my chest and knowing you are whole. I can't wait to go home. The meals are great (and gluten free!) I never felt sick  once. Also, the greatness of holding you and seeing you latch even after an epidural is incredible. This is one of the strongest forms of love.
The first nights blend into the early months. Shooting past your birth weight at your first week's appointment. Constant nursing. Taking you to class. I hope that inspires to do what you want! Comfort nursing. Over -stimulation  Understimilation. Growth spurts. The milky baby smell. Gassiness caused by weird spices. Tummy time leads to crawling. Crawling leads to sitting. Sitting to standing. Standing to your first steps.  watching everything.

So many firsts. First smile. First Easter. First tooth. First Thanksgiving and Halloween. First Christmas. First Valentine's day. My first time being a mom. So many worries, wonders and concerns.

This time is short. This time is beautiful- not something to be taken for granted. <3 I love watching you grow into a toddler. It fills me with inner joy. Being a parent is not easy. There are ups and downs. Moments when you just want to cry yourself to sleep. But at the end of it all, I would not change a thing. I have a little being that looks up to me. Loves me. and His daddy. Not to mention, he loves his entire family. His uncles, his grandma and great grandma, his dogs and cats. Babies radiate love and acceptance.

What else does he like? He loves exploring. He loves trying now foods but he is still breastfed. He is growing independent each day. Even though he still likes to snuggle.  He loves to give daddy hugs and the dog kisses.  You on the move, running, dancing and climbing. You have grown so much in such a small amount of time my little man.  What do I want you to know?

  • Nothing is impossible- even the words say "i'm possible.
  • I will always love you and you light up my life 
  • I am guiding you but you have the ability to set your own course
You are big but still growing hair. Have some teeth and are still nursing. All in all you are a happy little guy. I can't wait for the rest. 


  1. I miss when my boys were tiny babies. My youngest is 3, and I can't believe he is so big.

    1. Aww 3 is still pretty little :) It goes by so quickly. I love (almost) every moment. I <3 my little man.