Friday, 8 March 2013

It Takes a Village

I read a rather thought-provoking article. i will link it so you all can read it. It is a fascinating history that contains a certain kind of truth. The kind of community you are raised you affects you in holistic ways. I will update as soon as i find the link :)

Basically the moral of this story- even though the residents had unhealthy habits, heart disease was not found in people younger than 65. This trend was the complete opposite of the rest of the United States. I imagine and i am assuming here that it would be the same in smaller, close knit communities, rural villages, and the like. Imagine what your life would be like if you actually talked to your neighbor and didn't isolate yourself from others. Not that everyone does that, but in our fast paced world, we do tend to put up walls.

I think this explains why most of us have joined online communities. It creates the same sense of togetherness, inclusiveness and inner peace. We are actually able to talk to people. People who hold the same values. It makes you feel safe and able to express your individuality.  To some degree, this is an important and useful skill. Technology is the way of the future.  The ability to communicate effectively online is a valuable asset.

This is part of the meaning behind this blog. I want to share my experiences as a Celiac and a as mom. Both are part of who I am. But they are not the whole thing. I am also a part of various groups and organizations on Facebook. Groups that give meaning to my life.

How do you feel about this? Do you have somewhere you feel safe? I think everyone should have something like. Go out of your comfort zone. Say hello to a neighbour. Smile and mean it. Peace and happiness start within you.

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