Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blog Challenge 24

Embarrassing Moments: 

Oh this is tough. I am so clumsy. I probably have a lot of embarrassing moments to be honest. I have broken countless cups. I crash into walls and have the bruises to prove it. I trip on my own feet.

One of my top embarrassing moments was as a child. I was at this gorgeous store near Lakefield, Ontario. I approached this older, balding man with a black jacket and said "Hi, Grandpa". The man turned and said "Hi, a new grandchild!" I screamed and run to my family.  

The man apologized to my mom for 'scaring me'.  It really wasn't his fault as I thought he was my grandma but man was I ever embarrassed. I was so shy as a child. There are probably more recent embarrassing moments that I could write about but that one is still tops in my mind. 

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