Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

Few holidays create as much as tension as Valentines Day. many see it as the quintessential Hallmark holiday. My motto is if you don't like something then change it. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about lovers. It can be about taking care of yourself, your children, the poor etc. Find your niche and be creative!

Buy Organic

Burts Bees has a great variety of items that are good for you and the environment. Check out their story here-
The tinted lip balm duo is a perfect present!

They also have a kit for babies- They also have great men's items. There is a variety of choice. So whether your concern is face, skin, baby, men, lips or gifts, you should be able to find something that suits your budget and your green living style.
Another option is organic or gluten free such as Enjoy Life or Camino.  It is great not to support child slavery as many famous chocolates brands do employ child labour. Yay for gluten free options and options that preserve the environment.

Buy Local 

Support local businesses! Don't where to to start? Try checking out facebooks pages- like Mom's groups and you may find someone who makes clothing, jewellry and other gifts for someone in your life.
Go to local natural stores.  Visit a local bakery or restaurant. Try out a farmer's market. The options are endless. 

Buy Nothing

Create new and exciting traditions like having breakfast for dinner- make gf blueberry pancakes and bacon.
-have a picnic
-go for a walk
- go to the zoo/museum
crafts and art
bake something sweet
movie night
family cuddles

Make Valentine's Day something for you to remember! Also, whether you have kids or not, it isn't too late to do something as a family, pets or family. Also, don't forgot to be kind to yourself.

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