Thursday, 21 February 2013

Family Day

Here in Ontario, families can celebrate Family Day. (Federal workers still have to work though).  If you do have time off it  why not participate in a family activity?  What you choose to do is up to you  and depends on your family interests and fitness levels. Also, it depends on the climate in your area.

Outdoor Activities  

You could go sledding, make a snowman, build a fort, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing
Go to a ski hill or just hang out in the backyard.
Throw snowballs. A very overlooked activity!
Make maple candy in the snow. Drink hot cocoa. 

Indoor Activities

Check out your recreation centre or athletics centre. You never know what you might find- a free swim, scheduled events etc
Museums - Some places have scheduled events again\. Howver they are a great place to take children for fun and educational purposes.  The same can be said of Art Galleries. What does your child like? Natural history? Art?  Look around your community and you might be surprised at what you can find to support those interests. If your child is a budding artist, you might find something unique through an art shop. 
Visit a library.  With more and more libraries closing down, its a good idea to support yours while you can. 

At Home

Different things work for various and a movie madness might can be great! This past family day, my fiance, my son and I cudddled in bed and watched movies. my son doesn't always watch tv but it is really cute to watch him do. He also likes to bring over books for us to look at. A great way to spend time is to cook a meal together. For my son, this means feeding mommy little bites of food. Indulge your inner creativity and do a craft. Or along those lines, learn something new. Try a new language, a new food, a new book.

What did we do? I got to spend the whole day with my fiance and son. It was great to have family time. We watched family oriented movies. We looked at books. We had tickle fights. In other words, we felt love. We experiences that feeling that ties people together. Everyone should have a family day!

what holidays do you have? What do you like to do as a family?

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