Saturday, 5 January 2013

woolzies dryer balls

I am so excited to start off 2013 with this- my Woolzies dyer balls have arrived! I can't wait to use them and review them.Did you read my previous post? They are awesome, hyperallergic and made with 100 % organic New Zealand wool.

I figured i would mention why I choose to cloth diaper part time.  They are so cute and effective when used properly. It is not more work than regular diapers since you have to wash laundry anyway. When you first think about cloth diapers a number of questions come up.  These were some of mine. Are they expensive? Is it better (really) for the environment? Is it more trouble than it is worth?

-          In terms of washing- you have to wash baby clothes anyway, so why not wash them together? M0-AGost can use the same laundry detergent- just follow the directions because it will state what kind of detergent you can use
-          - also most washers are high efficient
-          The smell- not at all- wash immediately or keep in diaper genie (baking soda)
-          You have to change baby’s diapers anyway
-          It really is not different or  time consuming
-          Keep inserts inside diaper cover, so you have only one thing to put on
The other reasons I use cloth diapers is because of the environmental/ health impacts. 
 - a positve impact on the environment- reduces waste and plastic
-my child is exposed to fewer chemicals
-if you use secondhand diapers- you are recycling and redirecting cloth diapers from the landfill.

I have used Rearz and bummis diaper flats
Depending on your budget, second hand diapers may be helpful.
Here are some of the diaper covers and flats

I received a diaper box full of flats, covers and liners. The only downside was that my son outgrew them quickly. In fact only one of the diaper covers still fit him from the box. On the positive side, i can use them on our next child. The Velcro still sticks. Also, my boyfriend is good at folding flats. It is not my strong suit and i need more practice. I am not very dextrous. However, the diaper covers are just adorable! I also purchased a larger sized flat for my larger sized boy.. I paid $`15 for a flat, $4 for a snappy and $10 for a cover. I also paid $20 for a diaper pail and brought some natural orange scent reducers. Of course, you can purchase cheaper diaper pails  or may even find one for free. I also have a swim diaper that I cannot wait to try out!

In my next post, I will talk about my experience with Rearz cloth diapers.
Any other questions? Comment below!

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