Friday, 11 January 2013

Rearz Cloth Diapers and a giveaway!

My favourite overnight cloth diaper is by far, rearz. Not only are they adorable but the last through the night when used properly with a cover. For $50 you can get 4 diapers and1 diaper cover. They are easy to wash and dry~ Also, you can use a bamboo or cloth insert, which makes cleaning even easier.

I brought the large size because my son is so long. At the time, they were a little large. However, they are a perfect fit now. The downside is that they use velco instead of snaps. However, after many washes the velcro works well.
I love that Rearz is a Canadian company with ethically sourced materials.I do try to buy Canadian when possible. Also, it is important to me that companies have a positive social justice. Rearz like many other cloth diaper companies have a great social responsibility policy. Also, they are not one of the those companies that are 'all talk and no action'.

There are many great cloth diaper choices out there from WAHM to big companies or making your own. Whether you cloth diuper full or part time is a personal decision as well.  Making mistakes is oart of the parenting journey and trying out different cloth diapers is one of the fun ways. (In my opinion anyway).

 The first thing i have to say is that my 9month old son and 7month old puppy love woolzies dyer balls. lol. I tried to place the dyer balls up high but my son reached them anyway. I put the package on the kitchen table and I find my son and puppy sharing a dyer ball. At least, my son is showing his sharing skills. Also, I know these are perfectly safe for babies, unlike fabric softener. They are no harsh chemicals and the wool is hypo allergic. I prefer using this kind of product around my baby and animals whenever possible.

So I tried out the woolzies dryer balls on some different clothing items and cloth diapers. I must say, I am very impressed. They dry clothes faster! And my cloth diapers are softer than ever! Also, woolzies make great play toys for puppies lol :) Here is a picture of my extra fluffy cloth diapers.
Fluffiness and softness :)

Yahoo! Woolzies have arrived and quickly too!

I cannot wait to dry out these dyer balls on more household items like towels.

To conclude
-they save your triple bottom line- time, money and energy! They are good for the environment and reduce energy costs.  I love that product is cloth diaper safe. (Just make sure your cloth diapers are dyer safe).
 Here is a great product video to describe woolzies and how to use them.

I am really excited to announce a giveaway for these dyer balls, a perfect opportunity to try out these wonderful items! Also, if you would prefer to visit the website to purchase your own feel free to do so!

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  1. I think cloth diapers are the way to go. There are so many great new ones available. I've never tried dryer balls but from what I've read they would be something I would use for sure.

  2. I am a big fan of cloth diapers. I have not tried dryer balls before, but would really like to try them out. They sound awesome!

  3. I love the economy of cloth diapers and dryer balls.

  4. Haven't tried cloth diapering yet but the dryer ballsvr cool!

  5. I have never tried dryer balls. I think more people should cloth diaper their kids. My kids were diapered in cloth.

    SueSueper Sue

  6. Thank you everyone! Please don't be afraid to share this giveaway with others who might have an interest. I love cloth diapers as well lol. The dryer balls are pretty awesome :)

  7. We have had great luck with cloth diapering and I will talk your ear off about it if you show an interest! :-)
    We started using dryer balls about 8 months ago and have not used dryer sheets since. Sure, there is occasionally some static, but it's a trade that I'm willing to make.

  8. I love cloth diapering! I really don't find it any harder than using disposables - and I've got two in cloth! Plus it's sooooo cute :)

    I really want to use wool dryer balls. I am allergic to all fabric softeners and dryer sheets so this would be an excellent alternative!!!

  9. I am for any diaper, I do not think much about that whatever I have. As for dryer balls, never used them but would love to.

  10. We have never used cloth. I would've liked to, but hubby was very against them, as he was convinced they would leak, so we went with disposables.

    I love wool dryer balls!

  11. I like that the cloth diapers are the enviromentally friendly way to go.

  12. I wish I had of cloth diapered, but didn't. If I ever have another it will be something I def do. Haven't tried dryer balls yet, I have heard nothing but positive things about them.

  13. Never tried cloth diapers or the dryer balls, but I would love to try them

  14. I think cloth diapers are great. I didn't use them because when my oldest was born, they weren't popular to use. I've been using dryer balls for a few years now.

  15. Thank you for entering. I appreciate the comments~ I hope you all come and visit and again.