Saturday, 29 December 2012


Christmas is a magical time. I am not a child anymore however, Christmas is still special to me. Part of it is because how excited my little brother gets. My son adds another dimension because of the beginning of holiday traditions. However, what I love about Christmas is the spirit, the joy of helping others I have so much gratitude from the past year.

The birth of my son. That we are all happy and healthy. That I graduated University and I was able to study something that I love.  Dating for two years and now I can say we are officially engaged! Knowing that I want to continue to study and work as a social worker. Finding a part time job with a direct sales company. I am in good place. And I am happy.

I loved this Christmas. I loved that my little brother came to wake us up. I loved watching William experience Christmas.
Daddy and William
 He loved this dog that his uncle picked out for him. He couldn't sit still for very long though! He had a singing snowman to listen to and other things to look at. He wouldn't stop walking and running. He loved being with his uncles, grandma and great grandma.

Jason and myself
I have to state another reason why this was a magical day- Jason and I have been dating for two years. Jason and i have talked about marriage. Now that we have William we feel complete, like a family. Today, we walked into the kitchen and Jason said :"I have a gift for you' and he pulls out a ring box. Immediately,my heart is fluttering.  He says "You know what this is?" ( He isn't a;ways the most romantic.) I almost started to cry. I love him so much- even when he annoys me... but life, marriage, relationships and parenting is all about communication.

Of course, I say yes. I love you and I will marry you. I cannot wait to plan our wedding. The ring is simple, classic and ever so meaningful. It is an Irish Claddagh. Each part symbolizes, loyalty, friendship and love.
It is my favourite style of ring and i am  more than happy with his choice. I am so excited to begin our life together! I am looking forward to more Christmases with my fiance and son.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays and Happy New Year~ Enjoy your family and friends.
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