Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas Baking

I am so excited for Baby W.'s first Christmas!. At the rate he is growing he will be walking by Christmas. In some ways, I wish he was less mobile lol than he would be less independent.

Well, I guess i was right. He is now walking and running at 9 months. I am definitely excited, although it hits home how fast the year of infancy is. Soon, he will be a little boy and not the little 8 pound baby I brought home from the hospital.

I started some baking. I tried out making some gluten free gingerbread. I used rice flour mixed with a flour medley  I added some spices-cinnamon, ginger and  I also used brown sugar Then, I added two eggs, some milk, some oil because I didn't have butter or molasses. .
I forgot to refrigerate the dough, which i think my have helped the result. My little brother and I made a gingerbread man cake. He like it though.  We added some chocolates for eyes a nose and a smile, Also, we added some buttons.

In my opinion the cake was missing something... I am not sure what.  It could be because i forgot to cool the dough. That is my number one tip. My little brother was over the moon for it though. lol. I loved the pan~ it was adorable. All in all- it was not terrible- it tasted like gingerbread and was chewy.  For lack of a better word- the 'essence' was missing.

I am going to remake the them and see what happens. I also need to purchase some butter and try that instead.

If you have any experience with baking gluten free don't hesitate to add a comment! I have some pics i will add later.

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