Friday, 2 November 2012


Quinoa! I love quinoa. When i first tasted it, I wasn't sure how i would feel. However after time and practice cooking the ancient grain, I have figured out why it is bitter.Rinsing quinoa improves the taste and takes aways the bitterness.
Quinoa is  a high quality food.
It also can be used as a baby cereal.  Therefore , it is great for infants who hould stay away from wheat and gluten.
My favourite way to use quinoa is as hot cereal with brown sugar and cinammon. IT tastes so good. It also nice waking up to a hot breakfast on a cold morning. It is great for me too as i am still breastfeeding. I can also share with my little one (without the sugar and cinnamon of course0
My little guy does not mind it all at but i think he prefers rice cereal right now.  He likes to try new foods. But his favourite is sweet potato and rice cereal and banana. I am so excited to embark on this gluten free, eco friendly lifestyle with my little man.  As I write this, my little guy has decided he wants a drink.  ''

More and more qunioa is available everywhere.Here is how you first cook quinoa. I recommend rinsing even if the package says pre -rinsed.
1) bring 2 cups of water to  boil. Add salt if desired.
2) add1 cup of quinoa, bring to boil, stir,  low heat, s, stir simmer 20 minutes
3) drain quiona and it s ready to enjoy

You can use it stir fries, as hot cereal, in soup. the list is endless.

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