Sunday, 14 October 2012


An important Canada holiday is coming up! Thanksgiving! Many of my fondest memories have been of food and family from Thanksgiving. Turkey with stuffing. Sweet Potato. Squash and turnip. Freshly made buns, pies and desserts.  Sweet potato- i have always loved the flavor and it needs no enhancements. I do not like sweetened sweet potato.  I think it is perfect as is. Making holiday traditions gluten free can seem daunting at first.
. can be tough when you don't have understanding friends/ family but that is another post topic.
. try to be clear about what is gluten free and what is not
.try to prepare as much food as you can
. have support (a friend or family member?

My mom and our Thanksgiving feast
 For me this year was so easy because there were only a few of us. It was weird not having the hustle of a large family gathering. In other ways it was nice. I am introverted so I prefer a small group of people.  In attendance this year: my grandma, my mom, my brothers, my boyfriend and our 'squishy'.  So that makes seven. A decent enough size for conversation and food. It was very nice and we almost no hick ups over what was safe to eat. My grandma wasn't sure about gravy so my boyfriend took over. It was so yummy. He makes the best gravy.

This is what we ate:
turkey with stuffing- homemade gluten free stuffing. To make stuffing we used : gluten free multigrain bread, some odd spices, onion and apple. We literally used what was left over in our pantry and fridge.
gravy- yum. My boyfriend uses a lot of pepper.
potatoes- mashed
sweet potatoes- mashed
carrots- cooked
salad and dressing- not homemade but that would have been awesome!
    The meal was small and satisfying. I really enjoyed it. Also, William could eat the sweet potatoes and carrots. He likes his sweet potato. The best part is of course, dessert. We ate gluten free pumpkin and strawberry rhubarb pie- they were good. next year i will be cooking the pumpkin pie in the oven instead of just defrosting. through the pumpkin was soooo good. I never liked pie as a child. I found the crust gross. Its all a matter of how well it is cooked. My taste buds have changed a lot. That is also true of my gluten free journey. Now, i barely notice any taste difference when it comes to gluten free cooking. To be fair, most foods are yummier than ever. 

   This was a great and memorable Thanksgiving! I cannot believe my little guy is already 7 months old and had his first thanksgiving. 
There are more firsts to come and I can't wait to experience them. As well, Christmas is a great time to be gluten free! What is you favourite holiday and gluten free recipe?

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