Sunday, 9 September 2012


  It has been awhile since I have wrote.. being a new mom takes up a lot of time. Also, I have decided to apply for an online course. I am really excited about it :) On the other hand there is something that people with Celiac disease should not ignore and that is cross contamination.

It really does stuck ! Cross contamination leads to being 'glutened'. Sometimes it is difficult to figure where it happened. It can literally happen anywhere! At home with shared butter or plates or a restaurant where someone is less than careful. It happens very easily. Also, some people are not as educated about the problem as they should be. A little knowledge goes a long way in preventing the worst from happening.

The symptoms can be quite embarrassing. When it happens all you can is love and laugh at yourself. At this times it is really helpful to have someone who understands the seriousness of it. It is also vital to avoid any products made from or with wheat including lotion and shampoo.

For me, symptoms include migraines, stomach pains, hives, feeling ill etc. It depends. However, I find it is a lot more severe now, which is how Celiac Disease works.  I feel so much better without wheat gluten in my diet. It takes a long time for the gut to heal.

The most effective remedy is time. Although probiotics and keeping hydrated is important. I like to eat yogurt and drink lots of water and cranberry juice. Sleeping and exercise helps as well. Take care of yourself. Don't care about what others think.  They may think its all in your 'head' but anyone with Celiac Disease knows its not.  I also advise you to hang out with supportive people :)

 I also eat scrambled eggs and omlettes. A easy recipe is a chicken stir-fry. It can be easily switched to tofu or beef or pork if you prefer. 
1) Cook the rice
2) Add rice to saucepan coated with olive oil
3)add veggies, celery, broccoli and lentils such as chickpeas
4) add sauce

What remedies works for you?.

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