Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Smoothies! Who doesn't a cold drink on a refreshing day?  For those who like a little zing gluten free beer is one option. I haven't really found one that I enjoy- but that doesn't mean you won't! My boyfriend on the other hand, who drinks regular beer thinks gluten beer is like cold sake. Anyway back to smoothies- I love how easy it is to make gluten-free/ find things that are naturally gluten free.

There are literally thousands of ways to make smoothies and I'm sure you could add cayenne pepper if you were so inclined. Veggie drinks are yummy as well. One of my favorites is strawberry kiwi. I also really like peach-cherry. I will have to take some pictures. They look so yummy.

So to make it- I cut up some strawberries and kiwis, mix it with milk and ice in a blender. Time depends on how thick you want it, You could also just use water. Or you could add ice cream or yogurt or flax seeds and hemp seeds, whatever floats your boat.If you cannot tolerate milk there is always soy milk (non gmo)almond milk, goat's milk and water :) For example, I just don't like strawberry banana,

For chocolate and blueberry: You could use dark, milk chocolate or white. Also, you can buy fair trade chocolate, which is great! This really do help on those off days or when you are really craving chocolate...  Mix together some blueberries, milk, chocolate and ice.

Finally, peach and cherry. Remove the pits. Put in the blender with milk and ice and blend. So good!

If you have kids (age appropriately of course) they can help with cutting or mixing or choosing fruit. This also ties into making homemade ice cream!  That's a whole different post. Don't be afraid to be creative when it comes to smoothy making - or is it smoothie?

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