Monday, 13 August 2012


A small island where you just might see dolphins swimming as you fly over top. Hot temperatures. Nice people and amazing food. People summarize Jamaica as a resort destination or a 'dangerous' place. The reality is much more complex. 

In the summer of 2008, I had the opportunity to visit Jamaica. It truly changed my life. We visited for 2 weeks, which almost wasn't long enough. I can't talk enough about the food. It was the best. A lot of rice. But that's okay as I love rice. When we stayed we were able to control what we ate. This was a benefit as i am also allergic to peanuts and coconut. lol. Several nights, I had tofu that tasted exactly like chicken. I wish I had the recipe. I also had wonderful fish and pumpkin rice. I quite liked the chocolate 'tea' and goat curry as well. It is not to everyone's taste but I like trying new things. 

The art gallery of Jamaica is beautiful. I recommend going if you are able. It is sad that so few people actually go see the works of art. It speaks a lot to Jamaican history and talent. There are many talented people in Jamaica but they do not always receive the opportunity to do well. Visit this website for more info-

This is why we were volunteering in Jamaica. We travelled through Jamaica Self Help. JSH is an organization dedicated to empowering Jamaicans through long term solutions.
I love that they don't just cut and run. JSH is a wonderful organization with many ways to support their programs such as the purchase of cards drawn by the kids.

 We were split into two groups. One group taught summer school at a local school. My group volunteered at an orphanage. The kids continuously amazed me.  The one boy could do exponents without a calculator. Every child had something special. Also, they really wanted to learn reading and arithmetic. It was different from here in that so many kids are not interested in learning. It is sad though. The reason why these kids are so into learning is because education is a way out of poverty.

The scenery was gorgeous and unique like the people. Hiking down Blue Mountain is certainly worth it! I brought some gluten free granola bars and granola mix. It kept me energized and was delicious. My favourite gluten free granola bars are chocolate banana.
waterfall on Blue Mountain

I urge you all to get outside of your comfort zone! Eating gluten free does not have to tie you down! There is so much I can write about from my trip, perhaps I will add a part two! :)

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