Saturday, 4 August 2012

So i thought i would start off this blog by talking about my background. This is specifically about my diagnosis with Celiac disease, the path to recovery.

 In high school, I started to became very ill. I was constantly in pain. I was losing weight yet my stomach looked distended or pregnant. It was a very disconcerting time. No one could figure out what was making me ill. I had severe migraines and developed hives for no reason. I became allergic to a multitude of things including peanut butter. I hated that lol, I loved peanut butter. In response to the lack of diagnosis, I went on line and read about Celiac Disease. I had 12 of 15 of the symptoms associated with Celiac Disease. I also remembered in childhood how eating too much bread would make me sick. Luckily, my growth was not stunted, I'm, 5'9.Then, I went to an allergy specialist and the blood tests showed I had Celiac Disease. I was also allergic to peanut butter, dust, pollen and had a small animal allergy.

With the information in hand I was able to work at getting better. This was a good goal to focus on. I studied Celiac Disease online. Also, I had fallen down the stairs when I was on crutches and had a pretty bad concussion. I sprained my wrist  and dislocated some bones. I was lucky not to have severe damage. I took some time off my school. This helped me heal emotionally and physically.

I also had the opportunity to spend time with a Naturopath. Not everybody can afford this help, but it was a necessity for my wellness. To that end, it was quite a strain for my mother and I am entirely grateful we went. I was given vitamin c drops that helped with the allergic reactions.I also started eating gluten free. It took some time but I have certainly started to heal. 

That year I was able to study Spanish at Queens for two weeks. It was marvellous. I was able to connect with young people and tried to eat gluten free. It was a one of a kind experience. The first of many in my life, I hope.  I also think this set on the path to health and a healthy pregnancy.

Eating gluten free is a commitment. It is worth it though. The end of migraines and internal pains is a bonus.  It is easy enough to make mistakes especially at the beginning. Do no be hard on yourself. Part of the wonderfulness of life is the ability to learn from our mistakes.

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